As a professional OEM and ODM eyewear manufacturer in China.Our advantage products are Acetate eyewear, Metal eyewear,
Titantium eyewear,Aluminium eyewear,Buffalo horn eyewear and Other material eyewear frames.


committed to the research of technology and apply it in various eyewear products.


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  • Office: No.1515,B RongDe,Huaqiaoxincun Community,Henggang Street, Longgang District,ShenZhen, China
  • Factory: A Block, 20 XiaoKang Road, Dakang Community, YuanShan, LongDang District, ShenZhen
  • 86-0755-28606637


Horn Glasses Combined with Wood
Both wood and horn are natural materials with unique and natural colors and textures. Therefore, horn glasses combined w…
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Which is better, carbon fiber glasses or titanium glasses? Carbon fiber glasses and titanium glasses have their own adva…
Making of carbon fiber glasses
How to make carbon fiber glasses? From the carbon fiber materials, and detail of the cutting, bending, tumbling and poli…
The advantages and disadvantages of carbon fiber glasses
Carbon fiber is an ultra light glasses with good toughness, providing great comfort and safety. This article describes t…
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