How are Bestsea's acetate eyewear produced?

How are Bestsea's acetate eyewear produced?

Do you know how acetate frame are made? Please follow my footsteps, let's go to see the production process of acetate eyeglasses.

In the past, we have introduced the production process of acetate eyewear in sections based on text. Today, we will focus on pictures, so that you can have a clearer and more intuitive view of how we produce acetate eyewear.

In cooperation with new customers, we will first arrange the design team to make the color effect drawing and CAD drawings. When the customer confirms the drawing information is correct, we will start the production stage.

1、According to the drawings, we purchase the raw materials of the acetate, and here we explain our standards, we produce high-quality eyewear, so we choose to cooperate with high-quality acetate manufacturers to lay the foundation for the quality of the finished products from the source.

2、Shrinking,because acetate material contains moisture.→ 3、Sawing sheet

4、Frame Carve → 5、Frame Curved

6、Nose pads welding → 7、Needle Thrusting


9、Hinge Welding → 10、Temple Cutting  → 11、Screw Assemblying → 12、Temple curving

13、Filing end piece → 14、Groove Milling → 15、Polishing(Customers of high-end brand eyewear are very keen on the sense of streamline and gloss brought by polishing. A good polishing effect can instantly express the quality of glasses, which is also the key to building a brand.)

So far, the production of the acetate frame has been completed, and the next stage is lens cutting and printing.

16、Lens Cutting → 17、Print the customer's logo and other information on the temple and lens (there are different printing methods, which will not be introduced here) → 18、Install Lens

19、Adjusting Frame → 20、Quality Inspection → 21、Packaging and shipment

The pictures are a little bit more, and that adds up to 21 production steps.The above is the whole process of our production of acetate eyeglasses. A small pair of eyewear has many procedures, which I never thought of before I was engaged in the eyewear industry. After I came to the eyewear manufacturer in China, I constantly saw the production process and details of different eyewear. Eyewear production attaches great importance to details, details determine success or failure!

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