Why acetate eyewear can be outstanding in the eyewear industry?

Introduction:Do you know who invented cellulose acetate fiber? When did acetate eyewear appear? How is it produced?And its impact on the world and you and me? Why acetate eyewear can be outstanding in the eyewear industry?As an OEM&ODM high-quality eyewear manufacturer in China,Bestsea wrote an article to tell you,Hope you have an answer after reading this article.

fashion acetate eyewear

1. Who invented cellulose acetate?

cellulose acetate fiber is plant-based and consists of biological polymers derived from wood (tree) pulp and/or natural cotton fibers, also known as cellulose acetate, zyl or zylonite, developed by scientist Paul Schützenberge in 1865. cellulose acetate was one of the first synthetic fibers to be made, and over the years these cellulose acetate fibers have been replaced by cheaper alternatives such as infused nylon and polyester, which are petroleum-based plastics. In some cases, nylon is a reasonable eyewear material - such as the impact or heat resistance of sports glasses or safety goggles. However, when used in fashion eyewear, the material is almost always used to keep costs down.

2. When did acetate eyewear appear?

The brittleness of plastic and other issues made it difficult to work, and after years of research, cellulose acetate was first used in spectacle frames in the late 1940s, an innovative material that has earned the market a reputation for its durability and striking colors, Wearers describe the material as a more "natural feel," and it's also known for its ability to easily adjust to create a custom fit. Opticians and eyeglass manufacturers prefer it ever since

3. How does the cellulose acetate affect the world and you?

For the world: protecting the earth's ecological environment The emergence of cellulose acetate saved the Hawksbill Turtle from extinction. Between 1844 and 1992, 9 million Hawksbill Turtles were fished out of tropical waters around the world. Hawksbill Turtles have striped shells that humans like. Once any creature is targeted by humans, it is in danger of extinction. Its Hawksbill Turtle shell can make luxurious jewelry, wigs and eyewears. Without the large-scale production of colorful tortoise cellulose acetate by cellulose acetate manufacturers in the 1950s, more Hawksbill turtles might face human fishing.In the late 1970s, the international treaty banning the hunting and sale of hawksbill turtles was promulgated, which further improved the survival chances of critically endangered turtles.

hawksbill seaturtle

Hawksbill turtles living in clean waters

Turtles entangled in non degradable fishing nets

Turtles entangled in nondegradable fishing nets

At the same time,cellulose acetate is made of renewable materials, which is easier to degrade in the natural environment, reducing the risk of death of marine organisms due to ingestion or entanglement. With this topic, I remind us again that protecting the earth's ecological environment is to protect ourselves! Everyone is responsible for protecting the environment!

For you,why did you fall in love with acetate eyewear?

① Hypoallergenic: It is a boon for people with allergic or sensitive skin.

② Lightweight: Acetate is an extremely light plastic, you will not feel tired even if the acetate eyewear frames are on your face all day

③ Durable: Compared with the traditional plastic frame molding method, the acetate fiber frame molding process takes longer, and it is this process that makes acetate durable. Acetate frames are formed by forming several layers of plastic into large pieces, cutting individual pieces, polishing, and forming the frame.

④ Elasticity: Acetate's durability is largely due to its flexibility. The more flexible your eyewear are, the longer they will last.

⑤ Let customers have rich choices: rich colors, rich patterns, and rich designs, which are unmatched by traditional plastic frames. Choose acetate eyewear and you're in style.

4. Do you know how cellulose acetate fiber board is made?

5. Do you know how acetate eyewear are made?

6. Acetate eyewear PK Plastic eyewear, can you correctly distinguish acetate eyewears from plastic eyewears?

Plastic frames are more brittle than acetate frames due to different production processes

No wires in plastic temples, plastic eyewear are more difficult to adjust

The choice of colors and patterns for plastic eyewear is less diverse

Acetate frames are generally more expensive than regular plastic frames.



7. Acetate eyewear can give designers a large design space, and different styles can create different fashion styles for the wearer and live out a thousand faces.


exquisite small frame

Textured plate,Exquisite small frame:the gentle breath of warm yellow, soft and elegant, blending sweet and cool


Retro fashion,Retro rivets:the upper gray and the lower transparent are their own colors, deconstructing the color layers, and exuding more diverse visual effects

Retro literary round eyeglasses frame

Retro literary round eyeglasses frame:Retro literary round eyeglasses frame: high-quality plate, tortoiseshell color, must be worn by European and American trendy men

cat eye eyeglasses

Cat eye eyeglasses:Because of its unique shape, cat eye eyeglasses have a unique place in the fashion eyeglasses industry. They are iconic and have been worn by Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, etc., and are favored by the fashion industry. Kuisha also wore.

eyewear is such a small accessory, but there are many historical stories on it. We have seen the development of science and technology, the impact on the environment, different design styles and the production process with many steps. After reading this article, I hope it can be helpful for you to choose a pair of meaningful and elegant acetate eyewear suitable for you to highlight your personal style, Make you feel at ease on any occasion.

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