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We are committed to the research of eyewear technology and apply it in various eyewear products. Some eyewear crafts are not available in many factories. There is a Chinese proverb that if you don't make progress, you will regress. We believe that to establish a stable and win-win cooperative relationship with customers, our products must not only have better quality, but also have better eyewear craft.

More nice and up-grade rivet plating
The rivets, hinge and wire core all are plated in gold, which will let you have more choice. Our customers from US and Europe like this glasses craft very much. They said it looks super upscale. Actually, it is hard to protect the plated rivets at the products processing. Because it always peel off if not carefully, especially at the polishing process. So even if in ShenZhen, few factories could make sure good quality for mass production.
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cellulose acetate lamination crafts
Lamination glasses is one of our most advantages eyewear crafts, we can make very complex lamination glasses.The cellulose acetate can be made into different patterns and shapes according to the design of different molds, Continuous innovation to provide customers with better products.
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flexible middle bridge
Memory metal eyewear craft. Memory glasses is more durable, lightweight and resistant than conventional metals allowing wearers to confidently embrace every challenge without hesitation. This eyewear craft is mostly used in the middle bridge, temples, etc., suitable for acetate frames, Metal frames and Titanium frames, etc.
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special eyewear craft
This page will show some of our other special eyewear crafts, and some of our advantages. Doing better has always been our goal. Therefore, we have been strengthening research and development, studying how to make glasses better and better in quality. Because we believe that this will be a win-win opportunity, including ourselves and all our customers.
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inflated sunglasses
The inflated sunglasses feature a bold and oversized frame made of a single piece of brightly colored acetate in black, red, green, and yellow, etc. Inflated glasses create the illusion of being filled with air, giving people a unique and almost inflated appearance. It is made of acetate with the pressing process, to obtain incredible gloss with the advantages of not being easily deformed.
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bevel round glasses
Round glasses have always been one of the most classic styles. This pair of acetate glasses has concentrated many classic elements, such as a round frame, round eyebrows, a smooth bevel, and a raised spherical end piece. Most importantly, it is made of cellulose acetate, produced through traditional pressing techniques and now advanced eyewear manufacturing techniques. It's classic and luxurious.
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