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The video which is about one of our acetate rivet eyewear with 24K gold plated rivet hinges, wire core and rivets. Many of our customers comment that is it super upscale. Actualy, it is hard to protect the plated rivets well at the products procesing because it always fall off if not carefuly, especially at, the polishing process. So most factories even in Shenzhen could only make the rivets in silver. For most similar products on the market, the rivets are silver, even if some products looks like with gold riverts, actually, they used brass without plating, which will be very iase oxidize and turn black and they did not grasp this craftsmanship well. However, our factory grasp this craftsmanship well. We could use this gold rivet hinge glasses craftmanship for mass production.If you would like, samples are available for you review.  

rivet plating craft
The rivet acetate eyewear features rivets, hinge and wire core all are plated in gold, which will let you have more choice. Our customers from US and Europe like this craftsmanship very much. They said it looks super upscale. Metals of rivet hinge glasses can also be plated with other colors, such as common gun color, rose gold, etc., and the plating method can be water plating or IP plating.
rivet in outside and inside
All metal of the rivet glasses is 24K plated. Of course, it can also be other colors, such as gun, rose gold and other colors. The process of this rivet hinge eyewear is particularly difficult. We can see that the metal on the front frame is not flat, it has an arc surface. When punching the rivets connected together, it is easy to damage the metal surface. For perfect effect, we need to add some additional processes, and when dealing with each process, we must pursue perfection very much. Now, we can mass-produce the rivet glasses with this structure.
4 rivet
What we often see on rivet hinge glasses are two round rivets. In fact, rivets can come in many shapes and arrangements. For example, the outer circle and inner plum blossom-shaped rivets of this pair of glasses, as well as the outer circle and inner hexagonal rivets, or rivets of other shapes. In terms of the arrangement of rivets, two or three are the common way, acetate rivet glasses in pictureswe use four rivets for this glasses.
Multiple colored rivets
When rivets of different arrangement, quantity and color are installed on eyewear of different shapes, it will give you completely different visual effects. We can imagine how these rivet eyewear will feel when your manufacturer tells you that the color of the rivets can only be silver. You will definitely tell them, make me gold, and I have to be the same color as the other metals on this pair of eyewear, and there must be no color difference. With brass. No, it will oxidize and then discolor. No problem, send your order and we'll do it.

Features of Gold Rivets Frames

Richer Colors

The color of glasses rivets can generally only be made into silver. They also can only use brass if the other metal is plated gold. Brass is somewhat golden in color, but oxidizes easily. when you after a period of use, the surface will turn black and lose its golden color. After years of research and experimentation, our rivets of rivet hing glasses can be plated with ordinary water or IP plated, so that the color of the rivets is exactly the same as that of other metals, making them more beautiful and high-end. At the same time, different colors can be plated, such as 24K gold, rose gold, gun color, etc. The color of the rivet is no longer limited to silver, so that you have more color choices.

gun rivets

More Hign-end

You can look at the our rivet eyewear on this page, it looks more high-end. Many customers who have worked with us like our river eyewear craft very much. They say that this rivet eyewear artwork makes their products look different and more high-end than other similar products, and they can sell more and have better prices. As mentioned earlier, the rivet eyewear plating artwork will make your products have more color options, and I think the most important thing is that it raises up your brand and makes your products stand out. Rivets can be said to be the most important part of rivet-type products. If the color of the rivet can be consistent with the color of the acetate and other metals, and there is no color difference, I believe this is what you want.

rose gold rivets

The process is more complicated

Why is this gold rivet hinge glasses process difficult to achieve mass production? The problem is not difficult to understand. First of all, we must explain from the production process of rivet glasses. After the front frame and temples pass through the tumbling, they are then finely carved Hinge and rivet holes, after installing the hinge and rivets, use a special riveting machine to fix the rivets on the hinge. After the hinge is fixed, the surface of the rivet and the plate is smoothed with a water mill, and then polished. It can be said that the rivet process has been completed. We can imagine that if the rivet is gold plating, any process in it will lead to the destruction of the plating layer, thus losing the color of the surface. Therefore, in order to ensure that the color will not fade, the rivet glasss production process must be adjusted, and some special process must be added, and it is necessary to ensure that there will be no problems in every process. But we did, and we're excited to bring you even more product options to make your product stand out.

24k gold rivets


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