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This video mainly shows some special eyewear craft of our production process of titanium frames and metal glasses. For better quality, we must pay attention to every process in the production. Due to the different styles of glasses, we must make special molds for different styles , such as welding molds, testing molds, etc., which can ensure that each pair of glasses produced is basically the same. In the welding process, we will train the welding workers and have strict quality requirements. Every welding point must be stable and clean. Because we believe that high-quality products come from the focus on each production process. This page mainly shows you some of our focus on details, so that you can better understand how we produce glasses and how we control quality.

Special eyewear craft 01: Production standardization. When producing metal glasses and titanium glasses, we must make separate welding molds and inspection molds for each style, so that each pair of glasses produced is the same, and even different batches of glasses, the lenses can be interchanged . Product standardization provides a better guarantee for quality, and can also reduce many after-sales problems for customers. For example, if a consumer's frame is damaged, he can replace it with a new pair of frames. After all, some optical lenses are of high value.
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Special eyewear craft 02:The rivets are connected to the front metal part, and then connected to the hinges through a rivet machine. This is a common eyewear craft. But most factories can only make it silver, they use stainless steel to make it, and then achieve a bright effect through water polish and other processes. But as you can see from the picture, all the metals are 24K gold plated, and of course other plating colors are also available. In order to ensure that the plating color is not damaged, we must customized production process of this glasses, and stricter quality control during production.
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Special eyewear craft 03: It is a relatively complicated process to embed the custom-made metal trim into the side of the entire acetate frame and maintain a relatively perfect effect. This must be very precise when carving the grooves on the side of the acetate frame, and there are also high requirements for the customized metal ring. When the spectacle frame and the metal ring go through a series of processes, including welding and polishing, these processes will cause these parts to be deformed to varying degrees. To make each pair achieve the same effect, there is a special need for this process. high demands.
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Special eyewear craft 04: Glasses with a metal frame and acetate ring are a common glasses structure. The technical difficulty of this structure is in the combination of the metal end piece and the acetate ring, including the front and back. When most factories produce this structure, they will make a gap in the acetate ring, which will make it easier to assemble. But in doing so, the integrity of the eyewear design is compromised. And we don't need to open the gap, so it will look more perfect. Of course, to achieve such an effect, we must customize special welding molds and testing molds for each model, and pay more attention to details during production.
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