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The MIDO eyewear show in Italy is one of the most important optical exhibitions in the world. It was founded in 1970 and is held annually. The MIDO eyewear show is the world's largest professional eyewear show. Exhibitors come from more than 50 countries and regions around the world. It is a grand event for the world's optical eyewear industry. Therefore, it is a great opportunity that cannot be missed for global eyewear manufacturers and buyers. For manufacturers, they can display their latest technologies and products here, while for buyers, they can find new resource products, learn about new glasses industry technologies, and chase fashion trends.

2024 MIDO eyewear show

Since our establishment in 2005, we have been committed to designing and producing high-quality eyewear, providing ODM and OEM services for mid-to-high-end eyewear brands in Europe, the United States, Japan and Australia. Over the years, we have never stopped in the research and development of product processes and technologies, in order to create the best products to our customers.
2024 MIDO eyewear show, we are here! Although we were not fully prepared for this exhibition, we positioned it more as our SHOWROOM. In terms of exhibits, we did not specially prepare samples. We only brought some of our usual products to show the truest version of us. It has always been our constant purpose to produce products dedication and to provide excellent services dedication.
We welcome our old customers and new customers. For old customers, I believe that our cooperation will be as pleasant and win-win as before! For new customers, I hope this show is an opportunity to get to know each other and give us the opportunity to create a win-win cooperation and future together!
Our exhibition samples mainly to show our quality and craftsmanship.
bestsea eyewear factory
Highlight 1: Inflatable glasses series:
Using a combination of pressing and CNC processes. First, a mold is made, the acetate plate is put in and pressed into shape, and then it is completed through CNC and traditional glasses production processes. This very round effect could only be made from plastic before, but it didn't look high-end enough.
What are the advantages of using acetate material now?
1.It looks brighter and more upscale than the injection frame. It feels heavier in the hand and looks more valuable.
2.Because the acetate is heavy, double-sided pressing technology is used, and grooves are pressed on the inside to reduce the weight of the glasses and make them more comfortable to wear.
3.The pressing process gives the acetate a higher density, a brighter surface and less deformation
Below are several of our inflated glasses made of acetate. You can see different colors and unique textures at this show.
The following is a pair of round acetate inflated sunglasses. There are 12 color samples for your reference.
 Irregular acetate inflated sunglasses Best_390
The below is a pair of acetate inflated sunglasses with goggles style, available in three colors for your reference.
 Classic acetate inflated sunglasses Best_393
The following acetate optical Inflated glasses with Cat eye style are available in 8 colors for your reference.
cat-eye acetate inflated glasses 
Highlight 2: Golden rivet series:
Plating colors are always used on Rivets for acetate frame or other metal accessories , such as 24Kglod plating, gun color or other colors. The whole piece of glasses looks very coordinate and high-end. Most factories can only make silver rivets, or use brass color instead of gold, which is not only different from the plating color of other accessories, but also easy to oxidize and blacken. Because they cannot overcome the problem of discoloration of plating rivets during assembly and polishing. Our craftsmanship is superb , and many of our customers like it very much. They say it makes the product look more high-end.
Below are several gold rivet glasses exhibited at this exhibition.
The Bevel 4-rivet acetate sunglasses with black acetate and 24K gold rivets. 
 4 gold rivets acetate sunglasses
The one below is an acetate sunglasses with gold rivets and custom metal hinges.
 acetate sunglasses with gold rivets and custom metal hinges
The following are acetate glasses with 24k gold rivets and unique hinges.
 acetate glasses with 24k gold rivets and unique hinges
Highlight 3: Fashion sunglasses design with Swarovski stones.
In the process of manufacturing glasses, we pay attention to every detail, such as brightness, is one of the quality indicators that we pay most attention to. Since we mostly cooperate with some of the top eyewear brands in Europe, America and Japan, they have very high requirements for quality. Our customers are crazy about the polishing, lines and other details of our glasses. They said the glasses we made looked very high-end.
acetate sunglasses with bevel and dimond
With a bright mirror-like surface and over 100 Swarovski stones, it will definitely give you a different level of luxury. The exhibit below is such a fashionable acetate sunglasses, I believe it can bring you a different visual feast. If you also want to purchase fashionable and high-quality glasses, please contact us.
Highlight 4: Customized rivets and wire core series.
Rivets are used to fix the frames and temples of the glasses. Such glasses have always been popular. So how to make it more special? The following style can give you a satisfactory answer.
 acetate sunglasses with customized rivets and flat needle
Using hexagonal rivets and flat pins with custom patterns, the color is gold.
 acetate sunglasses with custom patterns and gold metal 
Use hexagonal rivets and flat pins with a strip pattern in gold color. You can use your own brand’s exclusive patterns and LOGO.
Highlight 5: Lamination craft series.
The lamination process refers to joining different colors of acetate together through some tools and materials, and then making a colorful pair of glasses. Lamination glasses technology allows glasses to have more color choices, and the same pair of glasses is no longer limited to one color. Prior to this, the front frame and temples of a pair of glasses could only use one color at most, for example, the front frame was black and the temples were crystal. The development of eyewear lamination technology has made the color of a pair of glasses more rich and diverse. On the same frame or temple, acetate of various colors can be glued together by lamination cellulose acetate technology, and then After cutting and other processing procedures, a pair of perfect lamination glasses is completed. Now, in addition to the function of glasses as a correcting vision of myopia patients, they are more considered as a part of clothing, especially sunglasses. The emergence of lamination glasses perfectly interprets the definition of glasses as clothing, and also gives beauty lovers more choices.
 lamination acetate optical with bevel
These are optical lamination glasses. There is a very clear dividing line between the two colors, but it is very natural, as if it is made from one piece of material.
 lamination acetate optical frames with special needle
Highlight 6: Release more new glasses designs.
At this show, you can see more new styles through our website with more than 500 styles. And these are just part of our design capabilities. If we have the opportunity to cooperate, we can design products specifically for your brand.
cool new eyewear design
Of course, we also have other exhibits of different types and materials at this MIDO eyewear show, including titanium glasses, metal glasses, etc. Through this mido eyewear show, we hope that more eyewear brand customers can get to know us and have the opportunity to establish a win-win cooperation. We believe that our quality and service will definitely meet your needs.

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