What are buffalo horn frames?

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What are buffalo horn frames?

Now, I am looking for natural material and hopefully they can be useful for eyewear manufacturing. All natural material has it own beautiful color and pattern creates by GOD, Therefore, every pair of buffalo horn frames manufactured is unique. In this world, you cannot find two pairs of horn frames with exactly the same color.

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Natural horn material for horn frames

Buffalo Horn frames is a beautiful material to work with but very difficult for manufacturing. There are some important tips for adjustment and maintenance:

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Horn eyeglasses made of natural materials

1.Only use CR-39 lens. If lenses made of other materials are used, they may react chemically with the horns, resulting in damage to the horn eyeglasses.

2.The lens must cut in exact rim groove size. The horn material is very hard, so the cut lens must be very precise.

3.For Buffalo Horn frames adjustment/lens insertion---always wet Buffalo Horn Eyewear frame with baby oil or corn oil, then heat with hot air up to 200 C evenly til the material is completed "soft". Then hold the Buffalo Horn Eyewear for air dry with thick oiled cotton clothes. 

4.Never soak Buffalo Horn frames in ultrasonic cleaning machine, neither water.

5.We know that acetate eyewear and metal eyewear have a certain degree of flexibility and can be adjusted according to different face shapes. But the horn material is very hard and brittle, so anytime never bend buffalo horn frames in cold. It will crack! 

How to maintain horn eyeglasses

If the horn frames are stained with dust or other substances, remember that you must not use chemical cleaners, just use clean water to clean it. Since the horn eyeglasses are made of natural materials, it is necessary to avoid collision and friction with hard objects as much as possible, avoid falling, avoiding folding, avoiding high temperature, etc, otherwise it is easy to deform. In addition, in order to prevent cracking caused by thermal expansion and contraction in daily use, it is recommended to use petroleum jelly or olive oil on the inner surface of the frame to moisturize and moisturize the horns.