Bad habit of using eyewear

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A friend came to me and asked me why his eyewear always break easily? He said that at first he doubted whether it was okay to change the eyewear to another material, but finally found that whether he used acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear or horn glasses, the usage time did not exceed half a year. He really didn't understand, so he came to ask me, As an old friend of his,I has been in the eyewear factory for many years. I told him that you must have some bad habits of using eyewear. Here, I simply sorted it out to see what bad habits make your eyewear easy to break.

Bad habit of using eyewear 1: Used to take off the eyewear unilaterally, it is easy to damage the temples. Many people are accustomed to taking off their eyewear with one hand. Although it is just a small habit in life, it is actually a bit troublesome to take off the eyewear from the front with two hands. It looks handsome and convenient. It will be scrapped, because taking off the eyewear unilaterally will easily cause the screws to loosen. Over time, the screws are easy to loosen and break. Especially if the action is rough, it is more likely to break the screw directly, or the other temple is getting more and more open and bend, the temples can easily break.

Bad habit of using eyewear 2: Use soap, hand washing lotion, shower gel to clean your eyewear. Usually when we go to the optician to clean the eyewear, the clerk will always tell you that it is the most suitable to wash the eyewear with dish soap, but sometimes there is no dishwashing liquid when going out, everyone will wash it with hand soap or soap. In fact, it is harmful to eyeweaer. Nowadays, most lenses have a multilayer film structure. If acid or alkaline soaps are used, the lenses will easily be damaged by peeling. In addition, soaps containing soap bases are prone to soap stains, which are hidden deep in the crevices of the frame. Ingredients such as shower gel and hand soap will add grease. Not only can't remove the grease stains on the lenses, but it will become foggy after washing. In addition to the special detergent for eyewear, the best detergent is a neutral dishwashing detergent, and it is recommended to clean it at least once a day, which not only prolongs the life of the lens, but also allows you to maintain a clear vision!

Bad habit of using eyewear 3: Wear eyewear when bathing or bathing in hot springs. When taking a bath, most often wear eyeweaer in the bathroom, wash them together with them by the way, or wear eyewear when bathing in hot springs. As mentioned above, the current lens uses a multilayer film structure. When the lens encounters hot steam or hot water, the film peels off, swells and deforms. At this time, water vapor easily enters the film and causes the lens to peel off. The lens can't go back. Therefore, no matter whether you take a bath or a hot spring, try to avoid wearing eyewear to go in.

Bad habit of using eyewear 4: Put the eyewear in the car to expose to the sun. With the improvement of living standards nowadays, cars have become more and more common. When driving a car to go out, people like to wear eyewear, especially sunglasses. Wearing eyewear while driving really helps to protect the eyewear and improve eyesight, especially polarized sunglasses, otherwise it will not be called a driver's glasses. However, many drivers have a habit of leaving their eyewear in the car directly after getting off the car, allowing them to expose themselves to the sun. However, the film of the sunglass lens is prone to rupture under high temperature, and it is easy to fall off after a long time. In addition, whether it is acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear or horn eyewear, if they are frequently exposed to the sun in the car, they are prone to deformation, paint peeling or dry cracking, which may damage the eyewear.

Bad habit of using eyewear 5: Use the eyewear cloth directly to wipe the eyewear.

When we wear eyewear outside for a long time, small dust will adhere to the lenses. If we wipe them directly with a eyewear cloth, the small dust will be rubbed off, of course, the lenses will be scratched. In addition, the eyewear cloth presented by some eyewear shops is used to wrap the eyewear to avoid scratches caused by friction between the eyewear case and the lens. These eyewear cloths are usually rough and easy to get cotton lint. If they are wiped directly, the cotton lint will get stuck in the gaps of the eyewear. The correct method is to use a good-quality soft eyewear cloth, rinse the eyewear with clean water or detergent, and then gently wipe them with the prepared eyewear cloth.

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