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 Black buffalo horn is the most commonly used material in horn glasses. Buffalo horns are usually close to black, but can also come in other colors and patterns such as gray-black, amber, green, blue-grey, and white. They are also flatter and more rectangular than cow horns, with heavy ridges along the inner curve. Buffalo horns form a very hard surface after polishing and are considered one of the hardest natural materials.

Below is a pair of black horn sunglasses made of black buffalo horn.
black buffalo horn sunglasses
Features of black buffalo horn.
1. Durability: Black buffalo horn is tough and resilient, making it suitable for items that need to withstand wear and tear.
2. Workability: Black buffalo horn can be carved, polished, and shaped relatively easily, allowing craftsmen to create detailed and intricate designs.
3. Aesthetics: The natural sheen and unique patterns of black buffalo horn make it visually appealing. It typically has a glossy surface, with colors ranging from dark black to light colors with stripes.
Applications of black buffalo horn materials
1. Horn rimmed gasses: For our eyewear industry, buffalo horn is the most common material used in horn glasses.
2. Accessories: Black horn is often used to make jewelry, combs, and buttons. Its polished surface and unique patterns make it a popular choice for fashion items.
3. Tableware: The handles of knives, forks, and other tableware are often made of buffalo horn because it is durable and comfortable to hold.
4. Traditional craftsmanship: Many traditional craftsmen use black buffalo horn to make musical instruments, such as shehnai and bagpipes, as well as various decorative items.
5. Tools and Utensils: Historically, black buffalo horns have been used to make tools and weapons, such as bow points, drinking horns, and even armor in some cultures.
Below is a pair of black buffalo horn eyeglass frames.
 black horn rimmed sunglasses wit dual rivet
Care and Maintenance for black buffalo horn
It is important to care for black buffalo horn glasses or other black buffalo horn products.
1. Cleaning: Black buffalo horn items should be washed with a soft cloth and mild soap. Avoid soaking them in water, as this can cause the horn to bend or crack.
2. Polishing: Regular polishing with a soft cloth helps maintain the shine and prevent dullness.
3. Storage: Keep black buffalo horn items away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent drying or cracking.
In many cultures, black buffalo horn has symbolic and practical significance. It is often seen as a symbol of strength and resilience and is used in rituals and ceremonies. When purchasing buffalo horn glasses or other buffalo horn products, it is important to consider the ethical implications. Make sure the black horn is sourced sustainably and the animals are treated humanely. Responsible sourcing helps support traditional artisans and preserve cultural heritage.

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