Why choose metal glasses?

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Why choose metal glasses?

We all know that there are many types of glasses frame at present, such as acetate glasses, metal glasses, titanium glasses, and some horn glasses and wood glasses made of natural materials. Glasses made of different materials have different characteristics, such as the rich colors of acetate glasses, the lightness of titanium glasses, etc. This article will take you to learn more about metal glasses and why you should choose metal glasses.

The picture below is a pair of metal sunglasses made of high-quality metal materials.

 a pair of metal sunglasses made of high-quality metal materials

The metal glasses in this article mainly refer to glasses made of common metal materials such as stainless steel, manganese, and copper, while glasses made of titanium or memory materials are classified into titanium glasses and memory glasses.

Metal spectacle frames are one of the more common types of glasses nowadays and are very popular among people. Metal glasses frames have excellent elasticity. If the bridge or temples of the glasses are made of highly elastic stainless steel, the elasticity will be even better. Metal frames are also relatively light in weight and generally not easy to damage. Different metal materials have their own advantages. The surface of the glasses will eventually be covered by a thin layer of plating, which can protect the frames and make them brighter.

Below is a pair of metal sunglasses with 24K gold plating.

 metal sunglasses with 24K gold plating

First of all, the advantages of metal glasses in terms of hardness are obvious. Compared with other eyewear materials such as acetate, plastic or TR, metal is harder and more resistant to various pressures and impacts in daily use, such as falling, squeezing, etc. This feature greatly improves the durability of metal glasses and makes them less likely to deform or wear, thus greatly extending the service life of the glasses. This is also an important reason why many consumers give priority to metal glasses when considering purchasing glasses. Although the hardness of titanium material will be higher, because the price of titanium material is much more expensive, the price of titanium glasses will also be higher than that of metal glasses. Therefore, metal glasses are an ideal choice, both in terms of practicality and economy.


Secondly, metal glasses have good flexibility and elasticity. The flexibility and elasticity of a pair of glasses are usually reflected in the center bridge or temples, so materials with good elasticity are often used in these parts of the metal, such as high-elastic stainless steel materials. Good flexibility not only allows metal glasses to exhibit excellent durability when withstanding daily stress, but also ensures the stability and durability of their shape. When we talk about flexibility, we are referring to the ability of a metal to bend when subjected to external forces. Metal is better able to withstand sudden impacts than materials like acetate or plastic, reducing the chance of damage to your glasses. At the same time, elasticity ensures that the metal can quickly return to its original shape after being squeezed. This rebound effect allows metal glasses to perfectly fit different face shapes, providing users with an unparalleled wearing experience.

The bridge and temples of the metal sunglasses below have good elasticity.

 metal sunglasses have good elasticity

In addition, the wear and corrosion resistance of metal glasses play a vital role in improving product reliability and reducing maintenance costs. The surface of metal glasses is covered with a thin plating layer. This plating layer has multiple functions, such as color, anti-oxidation, anti-wear, etc. First of all, surface coating can enrich the colors of glasses, such as gold, silver, gun color and other colors. The same pair of glasses can also have multiple colors. Secondly, wear resistance refers to the material's ability to resist wear and tear. For metal glasses, this means that they can remain as smooth as new over long-term use, reducing damage or deformation due to wear and tear, thereby ensuring the long-term durability of the product. and user comfort experience. Additionally, corrosion resistance is a measure of how well a material can withstand corrosion. If metal glasses have good corrosion resistance, they can effectively prevent corrosion caused by sweat, cosmetics and other chemicals and extend their service life. Therefore, these two properties not only ensure the quality and stability of metal glasses, but also greatly reduce the additional costs incurred by repairing or replacing glasses, saving users money from an economic perspective.

 Metal sunglasses with nylon lens

In today's eyewear manufacturing field, the use of lightweight metal has gradually become a design trend. Although ordinary metal is slightly heavier than titanium materials, metal glasses are still much lighter than other types of glasses. The light weight brings unprecedented comfort to the wearer. They offer great advantages in reducing pressure on the bridge of the nose and ears.

 Pink metal sunglasses

Metal glasses, with their unique luster and color, satisfy consumers' aesthetic needs. The metal frame shines with a unique luster under the light. This luster not only enhances the overall texture of the glasses, but also makes the wearer stand out from the crowd. The different color craftsmanship on the surface of metal glasses, such as gold, silver, gun, red, black, etc., have their own unique colors, providing consumers with a wealth of choices. These colors not only meet the individual needs of consumers, but also make glasses more fashionable and beautiful. Whether you are a consumer pursuing a retro style or a consumer who likes modern minimalist style, you can find your favorite in the color of metal glasses. Therefore, the unique luster and color of metal glasses are undoubtedly important factors in meeting consumers' aesthetic needs.

Metal glasses occupy a place in the glasses market with their unique characteristics. First of all, the durability of metal glasses is unquestionable. Whether it is daily use or outdoor activities, it can withstand greater pressure and is not easily damaged. Secondly, metal glasses come in various designs. Whether you are pursuing retro style or like modern simplicity, you can find the one that suits you. Furthermore, the price of metal glasses is relatively moderate and will not fluctuate much due to different brands and designs. In general, metal glasses are a cost-effective product that is suitable for various occasions and all kinds of people. It is a very good choice.

 Metal sunglasses with diamond

To sum up, metal glasses have the advantages of better elasticity, lighter weight, corrosion resistance, good gloss and rich colors. This gives everyone who likes metal glasses more reasons to choose metal glasses. 

So, why you choose metal glasses?

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