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Acetate eyewear are one of the most popular eyewear in recent years. acetate eyewear have rich colors and high texture. Now there are many factories producing acetate eyewear (include acetate optical and acetate sunglasses). In China, they are mainly concentrated in Wenzhou, Xiamen and Shenzhen. Wenzhou and Xiamen mainly produce low-end eyewear. Most of the mid-to-high-end eyewear are produced in the Shenzhen eyewear factory. According to the latest statistics from the Shenzhen Optical Association, there are more than 1,000 registered optical factories in Shenzhen. In this article, we mainly come to understand the development trend of acetate eyewear.

Hybrid eyewear frame, Acetate&Metal

The popularity of acetate eyewear frames is the result of the pursuit of fashion. Because the acetate eyewear is more of an exquisite handicraft product, the output is small and the production speed is relatively slow, and if the output is high, it is difficult to guarantee the quality. The popularity of acetate eyewear frames has its contingency and inevitability. Generally speaking, practical, convenient, healthy and fashionable are the main reasons for the popularity of acetate eyewear.

First. The popularity of acetate frames is affected by the trend of fashion and individualization; now, consumers regard eyewear more as a kind of decoration, and have high requirements for the aesthetics of eyewear, and they are very fond of fashionable products; In addition, consumers have a mentality of liking the new and disgusting the old, whether it is avant-garde or retro, it is a response to cater to the new trend. Since the 1990s, the material of eyewear has been constantly changing, from popular metal and even short-term popular wood to popular titanium frame, memory metal and so on. Relative to the beginning of popularity, Acetate frames itself has undergone many changes. The mixed metal and acetate frames have become very popular, and future developments will continue to be refined. This kind of bright colors tend to be blue, red, orange and other bright colors in color selection. Designing on patterns makes people look more comfortable, which has a lot to do with the current trend of individualization. The acetate eyewear gives a sense of fashion, which attracts many people to choose it.

Stylish, personalized acetate eyewear

Second, the exquisite production technology of the acetate frame and the advanced production technology are also one of the reasons. The renewal of eyewear production equipment and the continuous advancement of technology have made the development of acetate frames mature. In recent years, the improvement of technology in the eyewear manufacturing industry has made the production of eyewear frames more common. The emergence and update of engraving machines and other equipment have made the acetate frame It has become more beautiful, and consumer demand has increased, which has promoted the popularity of acetate frames.

acetate eyewear frame production site of ShenZhen eyewear factory

Three, environmental protection, health, and business hype are also a factor. At present, glasses, especially optical lenses, are more regarded as a kind of semi-medical and semi-commercial products, and consumers value health very much. Therefore, consumers naturally favor acetate frames with no pollution and no toxic side effects. An important reason for the popularity of acetate eyewear frames is business hype. Nowadays, consumption is a kind of guided consumption, and new materials have greater profit margins for businesses.

The development process of the acetate frame is from scratch, continuous development, continuous refinement, from a simple material to a series of diversified products made of acetate material today, eyewear will not return to the pure metal frame of the past. More is the appearance of a hybrid frame, so what is the future development direction of acetate frames?

First of all, companies should refine and beautify products, and continue to innovate in details. Acetate frame are following this path in recent years. In the past, the acetate frame was very rough and had no accessory processes such as patterns. It was purely a very ordinary product. This year, more is the combination with metal, the craftsmanship is more refined, and efforts are made to increase the added value of products. The future development direction of the acetate frame should be more refined, with changes in the frame shape, engraving and radium color. The acetate frame will even be equipped with precious objects such as pearls and diamonds. The decorative function of the eyewear will become stronger and stronger. Of course, the future development is also related to the cultural system. Now it is a postmodern culture or trend of thought, and The personalized trend of eyewear will affect the development direction of acetate frames.

Acetate eyewear are more diversified and personalized

Secondly, to greatly increase the added value of products and to make a good company's own positioning, many business leaders look forward: the future development of acetate frame will be more fashionable. The company should strive to improve its own management capabilities and strengthen the training of talents, increase the added value of products, and accelerate its own transformation. The proportion of fashionable and popular acetate frame consumer groups is about 8:2. In fact, the current order of eyewear generally encounters the problem of small quantity and many styles, which can only increase the added value of the product and create greater profits.

Finally, keep up with the trend and move with the times. The acetate frame follows the popular principle, the product refinement and innovation, to a large extent, the development of eyewear actually follows the fashion trend. acetate frame will continue to be popular for a long time and continue to develop. acetate eyewear frame and metal eyewear frame will each take part and continue to move forward.

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