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Effect of vitamins on eyes

Most of the myopic people hope that their myopia will get better and they will no longer need to wear myopia glasses. How about improving your eyesight and protecting your eyes? This article mainly talks about the effect of vitamins on eyes.

Will wearing eyewear for a long time deform the eyeball?

More and more people wear myopia glasses, and the styles and colors of myopia glasses are becoming more and more rich. One of the troubles is that wearing glasses for a long time will deform the eyeball?

Factors that affect the price of eyewear

There is a reason for the big difference in the price of glasses. What are the main factors that affect the price of eyewear? In this article, I will mainly give you an analysis of four major factors.

Why acetate optical frame is more scientific?

Now there are a variety of myopia frames on the market for consumers to choose from, which are mainly divided into two categories in terms of materials: acetate eyewear glasses and metal eyewear glasses...

Our eyewear factory

This article mainly introduces our eyewear factory, including the Company profile, Our main products, Our production capacity, Our quality control, Our factory workshop, etc. will help you get to know us better.

How we inspect Sunlens quality

Sunlens are one of the most important parts of a pair of eyewear. Our Sunlens are mainly from some high-quality Sunlens factories, including Zeiss, etc. how we test Sunlens quality?

Professional Eyewear Design

We keep up with the trend and combine customer brand requirements, Experienced eyewear design and R&D team with more than 15 years experience.

What are our main advantages

This article mainly shows some of our main advantages to let you know more about what kind of factory we are, and why we are recommended to choose us as your supplier.

How to control eyewear quality

Is the quality your main concern when choosing a supplier? Please allow me to introduce about how we control the eyewear quality, which can help you understand who we are and if we worthy your reply.

Real gold plating metal eyewear

What are the real gold plating metal eyewear? Real gold plating metal eyewear, it means 24K Gold Plate. The eyewear made of a base metal that has a 99.999% pure gold applied to the top, metal eyewear can usually be plated the 24k gold.


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