Process optimization is the key to the survival of the eyewear factory

21-10-05 15:48:19    By Bestsea eyewear

With the continuous recovery of the global economy and constant changes in consumer concepts, eyewear are no longer just a tool for adjusting eyesight. Sunglasses have become an important part of people's facial accessories, as well as a symbol of beauty, health and fashion. After decades of reform and opening up, China has become the second largest economy in the world. The huge economic aggregate contains huge market potential and business opportunities. Therefore, foreign eyewear giants have also focused their attention on the Chinese market. At present, the most popular eyewear in China are metal frame eyewear, acetate frame eyewear and injection frame eyewear. At the same time, China is also the world's largest eyewear manufacturing base, with three major bases, namely Wenzhou eyewear manufacturing base, Xiamen eyewear manufacturing base and Shenzhen eyewear manufacturing base, and Shenzhen is one of the main production bases for high-end eyewear. However, with the increase in labor costs and material costs over the years, as well as the increasingly fierce market competition, how should manufacturers face it? Only by optimizing the production process of eyewear, replacing labor with more machines, and optimizing the production process and improving production efficiency in some links that cannot be replaced by machines.

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Here is a simple description of the craftsmanship of acetate eyewear. acetate eyewear are currently the most popular eyewear in the world, including acetate optical frames, acetate sunglasses frames and various hybrid eyewear frames made of acetate materials. Among the eyewear of various materials, the acetate eyewear frames are popular among consumers for their richer colors and fashion. To face more and more fierce competition, we must carefully study every process of production, from materials, tools to every process of production, and study the problems one by one to find solutions. Only in this way can we While stabilizing the quality, improving production efficiency, so as to have an advantage in the competition.

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However, there are more than 150 processes in total from the production of parts, surface treatment and final assembly of acetate eyewear, which is a typical labor-intensive product. Except for a few production processes such as the processing and cleaning of the eyewear frames, which can be operated with automated equipment, most of the other processes require intensive manual operations. With the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend, labor costs will become higher and higher. Although the country has vigorously advocated and supported smart manufacturing, and companies have spared no effort in the development of automation instead of manual operations. However, as a traditional mechanical processing and manufacturing industry, large-scale automation also indicates high capital investment, especially for eyewear. It is a non-standard product with many styles, which makes it more difficult to realize automated production. Therefore, how to achieve the improvement of efficiency, quality and service by optimizing the existing production process is a severe challenge that companies have to face. I believe that many companies now face this problem. For example, the following aspects:

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How to systematically solve the problems in the production process of acetate eyewear? By optimizing the existing production process of acetate eyewear, we can improve the capacity achievement rate and production quality of acetate eyewear, shorten the production and processing cycle of acetate eyewear, and quickly meet market demand.

Similarly, because the production cycle of acetate eyewear is only about 3-6 months, the short production cycle also indicates the continuous launch of new products. For production operations, a set of efficient and stable production processes, efficient logistics supply, reliable production quality control and highly skilled production operators are needed to support it.

This is a problem that every person in the eyewear manufacturing industry must face. It is related to whether the factory can survive this fierce competition. In this process, quality, production, design and service are all very important. Only by doing these well, you will naturally become the winner in this competition.

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