Factors that affect the price of eyewear

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The price of eyewear varies greatly. Many people can buy glasses for tens of yuan, but there are also some high-end glasses frames that may cost several thousand or even tens of thousands of money. Many people think that glasses are a lucrative industry, because compared with tens of yuan, sometimes the appearance doesn't look much different, but the price is quite different. But if you really compare carefully, or wear a lot of glasses of different prices and materials, you will find that there are actually reasons for the big differences in the prices of glasses. So what are the main factors that affect the price of eyewear? In this article, I will mainly give you an analysis of four major factors, namely material, quality, brand and style.

Factor 1 affecting the price of eyewear: eyewear materials are different. The frame material and the lens material. The materials of the frame are mainly plastic, acetate, metal, titanium, horn and other natural materials.The glasses made from these materials are called Plastic Eyewear, Acetate Eyewear, Metal Eyewear, Titanium Eyewear and Horn Eyewear. Plastic glasses because of the material price is lower, craft is simpler, the lowest price, price moderate acetate glasses and metal glasses, in the high-end glasses,these are the most main species, are one of the most popular glasses at present, the price of titanium glasses than plastic eyewear and metal eyewear are much more expensive, the processing technology is also more complex, so the titanium glasses are more expensive. Horn glasses have always been synonymous with luxury glasses because of the scarcity of materials and difficult processing techniques, and their prices are generally the most expensive.
Glasses made of different materials
Glasses made of different materials
The material of the lens is another factor. Commonly used lenses include glass lenses, PC lenses, CR39 lenses, nylon lenses and Poly lenses, as well as various coating processes attached to the lenses. Compared with these lenses, PC lenses are the cheapest, followed by CR-39 lenses, nylon lenses, glass lenses, and poly lenses are generally the most expensive. Of course, except for the cheap TAC poly lenses, the TAC material is relatively cheap and the process is relatively simple. The coating process will also affect its price. For example, the CR-39 lenses can be coated with reinforced film, waterproof film, oil-proof film and various colors of coating layers. The more types of film layers are added, the higher the cost and the price is more expensive.
Factor 2 that affects the price of eyewear: different styles. In theory, under the premise of the same material, the simpler the style, the lower the cost, and the cheaper the price; and the more complex the style, the more complicated the process, the higher the cost and the more expensive the price.
metal clip on frame
For example:This is a clip on frame, which pays more attention to the matching process,and the price may be more expensive than normal frame.
Factor 3 that affects the price of eyewear: Different quality. Even for the same type of products, the materials used are relatively similar, but the differences in the production process and the control of details will still lead to differences in quality. Good quality products are naturally more expensive, which is easy to understand.
Factor 4 that affects the price of eyewear: different brands. The price of glasses of different brands is definitely different. From an economic point of view, this is called a brand premium. When we buy glasses, we will deliberately choose the brands we like, because different brands represent different tastes, different services, and even status symbols. The same type of glasses, but the price difference between different brands can be huge.
Different glasses brands
Different glasses brands
The above are the main factors that produce the price gap. Of course, in addition to these factors, there are also some other factors. For example, sometimes the prices of different sales places often vary. It is not difficult to understand that the sales prices in some high-end stores are naturally more expensive than those in ordinary stores. For another example, the time of sale will also have a difference in price. When a new product is just launched, the price is often more expensive, and when it is on sale or selling inventory, the price is generally cheaper. There may be many factors that affect the price, and I will not analyze them one by one here. I hope the above analysis will be helpful to you.

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