How can teenagers protect their eyesight?

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Once, in front of the school, two children were discussing. One of them said : i wasn't afraid of myopia,I liked wearing eyewear most. Last time, I accompanied my parents to an eyewear shop to match glasses. The clerk said that there were acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium eyewear and injection eyewear. They were really beautiful. If I can choose a pair of my own glasses, it must be cool. 

I believe many children hold such views, but is it really good to wear glasses? Ask people who often wear myopia glasses. They will surely say that glasses bring them a lot of inconvenience,wish they weren't short-sighted or something. It can be seen that they want to avoid wearing myopia glasses.
The reality is that no matter on the road, at the table, in bed, or in the toilet, there are more and more "bow heads" who can't live without electronic products, including young children. Now, the winter vacation is coming, how can we avoid the decline of children's eyesight? In recent years, with the popularization of electronic products, children have become a frequent user of electronic products. Long term use of electronic products without restraint is not only bad for children's health, but also causes great harm to their eyes, and eventually develops into myopia. Especially in winter and summer vacation, many children's eyesight has declined significantly after a holiday. It is believed that many parents want to know how to reduce the harm of electronic products to children. Since the use of electronic products can't be completely avoided, it is necessary for us to find a suitable solution. I hope this article will be helpful to parents.
 How can teenagers protect their eyesight
1. Keep reading distance. When reading electronic products, the distance between the eyes and the display screen should be about 30cm. Don't look closer and closer to it, especially when lying down. If we are aware of this problem, we can avoid it. Try not to lie down and read a book or a mobile phone, which will increase the pressure on our eyes.
2. Select large screen electronic products. Choose the electronic products with larger screen as far as possible.Electronic products with small screens are easily to see very close when using. 
3. Hot compress can be applied to dry eyes. If you stare at the computer screen or mobile phone screen for a long time, your eyes are prone to dryness. Don't rub your eyes at this time. You can blink more to alleviate dryness. If the dry and astringent is serious, you can consider hot compress with damp hot towel to relieve the symptoms. If you feel uncomfortable with your eyes, you should inform your parents in time in order to take measures as soon as possible.
4. Control the reading time. For children who love reading, the reading time should not be too long each time. It is better not to exceed 45 minutes. After 45 minutes of reading, they should stop to look far away and have a rest. The same is true for homework, reducing the burden on the eyes.
5. Don't play with electronic products in the dark. When looking at the mobile phone in the dark, the screen of the mobile phone is particularly bright, which is easy to cause eye fatigue and also easy to hurt the eyes. Therefore, you should turn on the light when using electronic products in the dark.
6. Increase outdoor sports. The best way to protect your eyesight is to increase outdoor activities. We should go out more and get close to nature to protect our eyes.
Before the age of 14, children's eyes are in a developing period, and it will become stable until the age of 18.During this period,children have heavy learning tasks, and children are also keen on electronic products. Therefore, parents should pay attention to children's eye habits, and check their eyesight quarterly, so as to intervene in a timely manner. In case of vision problems, it is necessary to check in time to confirm whether it is pseudomyopia or true myopia. If it is true myopia, it is necessary to equip children with appropriate myopia glasses. There are many types of optical glasses, such as acetate optical, metal optical, titanium optical, and some relatively inexpensive plastic glasses and TR90 glasses, Choose a style and color that children like. The professional optometrist in the optician's shop will help you complete the following tasks. The most important thing is to develop good habits and let children participate in outdoor sports, which is more conducive to protecting their eyesight.

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