How to choose sunglasses for myopic patients?

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How to choose sunglasses for myopic patients?

Among many brands, sunglasses are defined as clothing and are one of the most common items in daily life. Especially the more popular acetate eyewear, because of its diverse styles and rich colors, it is the first choice for beauty lovers. Because the acetate frame is the relatively thick, some myopic patients prefer metal eyewear and titanium eyewear. For ordinary consumers, choosing sunglasses mainly depends on whether the style, color and function are suitable for themselves, and this article mainly introduces how myopia patients should choose sunglasses.
Select 1: Sunglass clips. This is a more traditional product, which is an ordinary optical frame, adding a sunglasses clip. Clip the sunglasses outside the myopia glasses. The advantages are: simple, direct, low cost and easy to use. Remove the sunglasses clip to restore the normal myopia glasses. The disadvantage is that there are fewer colors and styles to choose from. The picture below is the acetate optical with a sunglasses clip.
Sunglass clips
Select 2: clip-on. Adsorption by magnet. Put a pair of sunglasses completely matching with the myopic lens ring on the outside of the myopic frame, and remove them when not needed. Advantages: It is more beautiful than sunglasses clips. The disadvantages are that it increases the weight of glasses and the loading and unloading is not as convenient as sunglasses clips . The picture below is a pair of clip-on.
Select 3:  myopia sunglasses. Dye the resin myopia lens into a certain color. Advantages: combined into one, simple and convenient. The disadvantage is that the myopia sunglasses are not suitable for wearing indoors. The picture below is a pair of acetate sunglasses. The lens is a sun lens with degrees.
myopia sunglasses
Select 4: Photochromic lenses. The color of the lens will change with the intensity of the light, the color of the lens will become darker where the light is strong, and the color of the lens will become lighter where the light is weak. The advantage is to solve the shortcomings of myopic sunglasses not suitable for indoor wear,a pair of glasses can be worn indoors and outdoors, which is very convenient. Disadvantages: The price of the lens is more expensive, and there are a few colors to choose from. The picture below shows a pair of metal sunglasses with photochromic lenses.
Photochromic lenses
Select 5: contact lenses+sunglasses. For myopia people who can wear contact lenses, they can wear contact lenses first and then choose their favorite sunglasses.In this case,myopic patients can also buy sunglasses at will. The advantage is that the free choice is much higher, which is no different from ordinary people buying sunglasses. The disadvantage is that paying attention to the cleaning and maintenance of contact lenses, and people with eye diseases and trachoma cannot wear contact lenses. After you put on contact lenses, you can choose your favorite sunglasses, and even horn gasses. The picture below is a pair of horn glasses.
horn glasses
In addition, when choosing sunglasses, try to choose those with anti-ultraviolet function. When the eyes encounter strong light,the human body has an the instinctive reaction of self-protection, and the pupils will naturally become smaller, reducing the ultraviolet energy entering the eyes. Wearing sunglasses without ultraviolet-resistant function will enlarge the pupils, and the ultraviolet light will be more entered, causing great damage to the eyes. In addition, Different color sun lenses have different functions,and there will be detailed explanations in other articles.


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