Importance of glasses maintenance

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Myopic glasses are very common daily necessities in our life. People wearing myopic glasses can be seen everywhere around us. Like other glasses, myopic glasses have many types, such as acetate optical, metal optical, titanium optical, buffalo horn optical, and optical frames made of various materials, which provide consumers with many choices. At the same time, due to the different characteristics of the materials, there are also slight differences in the use and maintenance, but generally speaking, they are similar. I hope the contents of this article can give you some help.

glasses and glasses case
With the development of modern medical technology, some mild myopia can be completely recovered through surgery, but most people with ametropia use glasses to correct their vision. So a pair of qualified glasses is very important for patients' vision correction. How should we maintain the glasses?
1. A pair of suitable glasses. A suitable glasses are the premise. If the glasses are not suitable, how to maintain it later is useless, but the glasses have become the "killer" of vision, and the degree of myopia has been rising straight. This is why you need to find a reliable glasses shop, so some consumers are willing to pay for professionalism. They pay enough attention to their eyes. After all, the eyes are too precious, and you may not be able to buy it if you have money.
2. The service life of glasses. Generally, we think that the service life of glasses is 2 years, provided that the refractive state of the eyes has not changed and the lens frame has not been deformed. After 2 years, the optical performance of glasses has greatly declined, and further use may damage the vision. Adults are advised to have an optometry once a year,teenagers have an optometry every three months.Make sure you wear qualified glasses. The myopic degree of 40+ people may decrease, and the lenses need to be replaced in time.
3. The deformation of glasses. The deformation of glasses is not paid attention to by everyone. They often slide down. Lens a high and a low, one in front and one behind, which is very harmful to vision. You should go to a professional store for help as soon as possible and adjust it to a proper state before continuing to wear it. If it cannot be adjusted, you should change your glasses. There are also some special articles on how to adjust the deformation of glasses on our website. You can learn about the relevant articles.
4. Wear of lens. Some people have worn glasses for many years, and the film layer of the lenses has been "mosaic", but they think they are very comfortable and are reluctant to replace them. It's a big mistake. The light that enters the eyes is messy, which is absolutely harmful to your eyes and will make your myopia more and more serious. Usually, you should wash the eyewear with tap water first, and then gently absorb the water with a cloth; If the lens has oil stains, wash it with detergent, and don't touch the high temperature. This can extend the service life of the lens.
Wear of lens
5. Correct storage and placement. When the glasses are not in use, wrap them with lens cloth and put them in the glasses box. Don't put them on the sofa, bedside, or other places that are easy to be pressed; When taking off the glasses temporarily, they should be folded and placed face up. The lens shall not be downward, as it will wear the lens.Take off and wear glasses with both hands, and fold the left temple first, then the right temple.
6. Correct use. Ordinary glasses are only used for daily use. For outdoor sports or strenuous sports, such as running and playing ball, please use special glasses;The lens is most afraid of high temperature and direct sunlight. It is prohibited to place the glasses in front of the windshield of the car, under the spotlight, or wear glasses to take a hot bath, soak in hot springs and other high-temperature activities;Any glasses will be damaged to varying degrees by external forces, such as breakage or deformation. Please try to avoid crushing by heavy objects, and don't pull the eyeglass frame at will. In order to avoid distortion of the glasses, which may lead to pupil distance deviation and inaccurate degree;
Sports glasses
Myopic glasses are a tool to protect your eyesight. If your glasses have problems, they will hurt your eyes. When we choose glasses, we can't just focus on whether the style and color are beautiful. Whether it's acetate eyewear, metal eyewear, titanium glasses or high-end horn glasses, it's important to choose the ones that are suitable for us. The most important thing is to find a professional eyewear shop to match lenses. It can be said that to protect your eyewear is to protect your eyes. I hope this article can help us better understand the importance of glasses maintenance.

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