Incorrect posture of wearing glasses

22-10-31 10:24:43    By Bestsea eyewear

Once I was having dinner with my friends, I saw a lady wearing a pair of metal optical . I couldn't help but complain here. I felt that the glasses were about to fall off. I don't know whether it was because of the the problem of nose pad, or the problem with the temple bend. There must be something wrong with this pair of glasses, which is mostly caused by incorrect posture of wearing glasses. There are a few problems with this wearing:

The first is unsightly. I have to say that this lady is very pretty, in her early thirties, with a oval face, a standard beauty, but wearing glasses like this immediately makes people feel a little weird, making it difficult for others to see her high taste, affect her personal image.
Followed by discomfort, wearing instability. If you want to wear glasses comfortably and stably, you must do three things well. First, the nose pads can support most of the weight of the glasses, and the nose pads can fit the bridge of the nose very well. The second is that the temples should have the range and strength to hold the head, and the third is the corner of the tip should be 1-2 cm behind the ear. It is estimated that the main problem of this lady's glasses is because of the nose pad, and it needs to be readjusted so that it can hold the whole pair of glasses well.
nose pad and temple bend
closing and opening of temple
If the glasses fall down, It will cause large front inclination deviation of glasses, which will affect the actual degree of the lens.
In our other articles,there are methods for adjusting eyeglasses, whether it is acetate optical, metal optical, titanium optical, or horn optical and wood optical which are made of natural materials, etc., there are corresponding adjustment methods. If you find that there is a problem with your glasses, you must adjust them in time. If you don't understand, you can ask the professionals of the optical shop to help you adjust them. They are generally very willing to help.
In the above example, it seems that consumers don't pay attention to glasses. It may also be that the glasses practitioners did not help customers choose suitable frames, and after matching the lenses, they did not observe the wearing of customers and make necessary frame adjustments. Therefore, in addition to mastering a certain knowledge of glasses, try to go to a regular optical shop to buy and match glasses. They have professional equipment and will also give you professional advice. I hope this lady can find this problem as soon as possible and correct it as soon as possible.
regular eyewear shop
If the lady wants to adjust her glasses, she only needs to find a glasses shop and ask them to adjust glasses for herself. You can also find other merchants, but the other party will declare that the adjustment is risky and you need to bear it yourself, which means that the other party can help, but the damage will not be compensated. The next time you wear glasses, you must try them on. You should feel comfortable and stable when you wear them. For optical glasses, this is more important than the style and color. This is a technical service that physical stores should provide. It seems that you only paid for lenses and frames, but actually this service is included. If the merchant doesn’t have this awareness or technology, it is recommended to find a more thoughtful merchant to serve you.


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