Types of lens coating

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In hot summer, many people like to wear sunglasses to go out and play, especially the popular acetate sunglasses and metal sunglasses, because the sunglasses can protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays while shielding against uncomfortable strong light.Sunglasses have this function because they are equipped with sunglasses lenses. In this article, we mainly introduce the types of lens coating.

Wearing sunglasses will protect your eyes

Once a customer asked us why our eyewear are not afraid of water and oil, and we answered, yes, because we have added a layer of oil and water-proof layer on our lenses. In fact, many of our customers will add this lens coating to the sunglasses lens while ordering our sunglasses. So, what types of lens coating?

For all the sun lens, you can choice to add following different lens coating on regular sun lenses surface depends on exact requirement, also you can choice to produce the sun lenses without any special treatment.

You can wear sunglasses to swim by the sea

+HD(hard coating): this lens coating can help to prevent the lens from scratching easily

+AR green/blue coating on back of sun lens: this lens coating can reduce the reflection of the UV rays

+ Anti-oil/water lens coating on the surface of sun lens: the water/oil is easy to drop off after touch the sun lens.

Colorful Sunlens, customize the color you want

Many of our customers will choice to add upon both three treatment on the sun lenses for having the best quality of sun lens. But some customers who care much more price will not take too much treatments.

We are a professional OEM and ODM eyewear manufacturer in China, We produce all kinds of sunglasses, including acetate sunglasses, metal sunglasses, titanium sunglasses and buffalo horn sunglasses, If you want to know more about lens coating, please feel free to contact us.

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