What are our main advantages

22-08-01 07:27:02    By Bestsea eyewear

This article mainly shows some of our main advantages to let you know more about what kind of eyewear factory we are, and why we are recommended to choose us as your eyewear supplier.
1.Mainly cooperate with high-end customers in Europe and America.
We have more than 15 years in producing Acetate glasses, Metal glasses and Titanium glasses frames and mainly provide OEM &ODM service for EU, JP and USA luxury eyewear brand. Quality and details are the heart of our factory.    
2.Experienced design and R&D team with more than 15 years experience.
cool metal sunglasses design
Our designers are innovative and good at grasping customer's design concept and expressing it on real frames. Their designs are unique and always surprise our customers.    
glasses design for sunglasses
3.Pay attention to every detail of the production process.
A. The soldering places of metal and titanium frames are almost same and have no excess soldering fluid as we always use special molds at the products process.    
 special molds at the products process
B. Craftsmanship of polishing is exquisite as our workers have studied polishing technology at Japan factory. All of our customers are satisfied with our polishing effect.    
acetate sunglasses with bevel
4. Good at the acetate lamination eye frames.
Good at making acetate with some complicated lamination like laminating at the most stressed places (bridge and end piece) and making rivet hinge gold or other colors.
acetate lamination eye frames
5.Products Inspection: To ensure our customers always receive the highest standards of goods and service, each parts at each production processes must be checked. Before shipment, the finished products must be inspected 2 times (one by one).    
eyewear inspection
“Seeing is believing”, would you like some samples to check our quality? I believe you will like it and we will upgrade your brands. Our cooperation will be win-win.  Give us a chance, we will surprise you.   
eyewear design with more than 15 years experience 
You can go through our website or contact us directly for more design styles for your reference.

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