Types of eyewear that match the face shape

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There are so many styles of eyewear frames nowadays, it is very important to choose a eyewear frame that suits you. Sometimes choosing a eyewear frame that suits you can add a lot of points to your appearance. The right eyewear can increase the vitality of the face and shape a better contour. How to match the face shape with the eyewear frame shape?Bestsea eyewear manufacturer in China lists several situations,Welcome to add.

Square eyewear

Square eyewear have a unique expressive power. Square eyewear make the round face look more unique. People wearing square eyewear can make themselves look more mature and charming. Baby-faced people can also become sexy and enchanting wearing square eyewear. Wearers of square eyewear are also more likely to show fashion and modernity. 

Rimless eyewear

Rimless eyewear are perfect for round faces. If you have a round face, no other eyewear will suit you better than a rimless frame, and it will achieve a perfect effect with your face.

Ultra-thin metal eyewear frames

The carefully designed ultra-thin metal eyewear frames is the most popular style in 2020. Sophisticated and simple. If the noble frames made of titanium, stainless steel or the like are matched with creative temples, this will not only give the eyewear a unique touch, but also make the round face have a longer length. The straight side of the eyewear also has this magical effect.

Narrow frame eyewear

The narrow frame is a compromise between ultra-narrow frame eyewear and square eyewear. Let others feel comfortable, without paying particular attention to the round face features, and narrow-rim eyewear can match almost all clothing. At the same time, whether it is dating or leisure sports, business visits and gatherings with friends. Narrow-rim eyewear can adapt to various occasions.

Full rim glasses

The round face wants to become oval visually. It can be changed by changing colors and patterns: the color gradient from dark to light from top to bottom can make the face look less sleek. The upper dark edge of the glasses can fit and deepen the eyebrow line.

Half-rim eyewear

This retro classic eyewear style has recently become popular again. Since half-rim eyewear only emphasize the upper part of the eyebrow line, compared with full-rim eyewear, it only shortens the face once. But girls usually prefer this. What else does the shape of half-rim eyewear do? Very personal and very stylish. Our tip: Business women can choose a unique upper edge, which can highlight the elegance of an elegant lady. 

Cat eye eyewear

"Cat eyewear" can highlight your personality, and at the same time they stretch your face with a sharp upper frame. Luxurious and feminine. According to the personality of the wearer, the cat eyewear frame with thick acetate eyewear frames show a certain aggressiveness, and the cat eyewear frame with thin acetate fiber or metal frame has cute elements. Same as the introduction above: the less visible the lower frame of the eyewear, the less division of the face

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The choice of eyewear frame is still more important, choosing a pair of eyewear that suits you can beautify yourself well. When choosing eyewear, you can choose different eyewear to match according to your face shape. If you really don’t know how to choose, you can also refer to the suggestions of your friends or optician. When choosing eyewear, in addition to the shape of the eyewear, the material of the eyewear is also very important. For example, if you want a pair of lighter eyewear, it is best to choose titanium eyewear or ultra-thin metal eyewear, while acetate eyewear are not a good one. choose. Of course, if you pay more attention to fashion, the choice of acetate eyewear will be more abundant.

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