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 Thousands of materials are used for eyewear, all kinds of metals, acetate, TR, and various materials have created eyewear frames with various styles and shapes. But do you know what's the top acetate? Is it different from the ordinary acetate eyewear or acetate sunglasses on the market? What I want to share with you today is Mazzucchelli, a world-class manufacturer of acetate eyewear with the highest reputation in the industry.

Mazzucchelli acetate

Mazzucchelli started in Italy in 1849. After six generations of family inheritance, it has a history of 173 years. The biggest feature of Mazzucchelli acetate is that it lasts for a long time. Transparent, with a high-grade luster, keeps the fresh with age, and it is very comfortable to wear. It has been admired and loved by celebrities from generation to generation for more than 100 years, and it is the pinnacle in the history of Italian eyewear manufacturing.

The biggest feature of Mazzucchelli acetate is that it lasts for a long time

Surprisingly, it has always maintained the status of the industry first. In addition to the traditional craftsmanship with a long history, they keep up with the pace of scientific and technological progress, not only to make production efficiency catch up with the rapid development of market demand, but also to ensure consistent quality and quality control in place.

traditional craftsmanship

scientific and technological progress

In terms of development, Elena Orsi Mazzucchelli, the head of the company, said that the products they produce are like people, unrepeatable, unique. "Without innovation, life loses its color." This is the core of Mazzucchelli. Adhering to the concept of natural environmental protection under the guidance of innovation, extracting essence from nature, extracting cell membrane acetic acid from plants, the original acetate made of non-toxic and harmless, avoids allergic discomfort caused by chemical substances in contact with the skin.

From traditional crafts to sophisticated extrusion technology, they develop about 9,000 new colors every year to meet the needs of customers from all over the world. The unique colors accumulated over the years can form a huge acetate database, like a precious treasure in a museum, more Open up a world of rich and diverse colors.

Mazzucchelli team

All these achievements are due to the excellent team behind Mazzucchelli. In addition to their pursuit of details, meticulous craftsmanship and rich industry experience, they are also full of passion, creativity and control.

In Italy, Mazzucchelli has its own R&D center laboratory, focusing on innovations in chemistry and aesthetics; it has opened a production plant in Asia to provide more convenient production services and facilitate more constructive dialogue with customers.

Mazzucchelli's creations are inspired by fashion design trends, cultural travel, art exhibitions, and long-term dialogues with designers, artists and clients. Not only provides customers with modern advice and creative solutions, but also emphasizes personalization, tailoring unique color combinations for each customer, so that they can distinguish them from the products of competitors of the same type.

All this made Mazzucchelli an exemplary pioneer among acetate manufacturers. The following picture will take you into the production process of the Mazzucchelli camouflage patterned acetate frame, and intuitively see the source of the top-grade acetate.

the production process of the Mazzucchelli camouflage patterned acetate frame

the production process of the Mazzucchelli camouflage patterned acetate frame

the production process of the Mazzucchelli camouflage patterned acetate frame

Nowadays, we can easily see many plastic frame glasses with different shapes and colors. Their existence has indeed enriched the public's choice of fashion, but because of rough design and poor quality, They were quickly abandoned. 

Please believe that the finely crafted and refined eyewear materials can reflect the taste in the details of life, not only add points to fashion cultivation, but also improve the temperament of the whole person!

If your acetate eyewear material comes from Mazzucchelli, congratulations, from the raw material, you have already won the first step over those opponents who choose inferior quality acetate!

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