A brief introduction to optical eyewear

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There are more and more people wearing eyewear around us. Some friends who wear eyewear are due to vision problems, and some friends wear eyewear to protect their eyes. Therefore, as it should be, optical eyewear have appeared. Below, let's take a look at what are optical eyewear? What are the advantages of optical eyewear?

1. What are optical eyewear

 Optical eyewear is a general term for eyewear developed using optical principles. Common optical eyewear include concave lenses, convex lenses, prisms and some contact lenses. These types of eyewears are what we often call optical eyewear. Different optical eyewear have their own ranges of use, and these optical eyewear play a very important role in the range of their own use. They play an important role in correcting human vision, protecting the health of human eyes, and curing people's eye diseases. Below, I will introduce people to different aspects of various optical eyewear, hoping to help readers in need.

2.the advantages of optical eyewear

Optical eyewear can help us adjust the degree of our eyes, and also have an impact on our beauty. People who love beauty or are not used to wearing eyewear can choose contact lenses to correct vision. Although contact lenses and laser correction surgery are becoming more and more popular, But eyewear are still the most common vision correction tool. At present, there are nose pads in the middle of the optical eyewear, and soft cushions on the left and right temples on the ears, which is more comfortable for us to wear.

3. Wear and care of optical eyewear

In our daily lives, many of us don't pay attention to eye hygiene. As a result, wearing eyewear not only can't adjust the degree, but also becomes more and more serious. For the eyes, we need regular inspections, and people who wear eyewear should also often liquidate. eyewear frames, these will have a significant impact on our eye conditioning period.

4、 optical frames type

According to the material of the optical frames, there are metal optical frame, acetate optical frame, horn optical frames, and some hybrid frames (now the most common and popular metal with acetate eyewear (metal with acetate) on the market. What to choose The material of the frame depends on personal preference. The types of optical frames on our website have a simple classification in the product center. You can check it for a simple understanding.

acetate optical frame

Acetate Optical HXO201622

metal optical frame

Metal Optical HXP031012

horn optical frames

Round Horn frame glasses HXN09034

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