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22-08-02 08:08:00    By Bestsea eyewear

 We keep up with the trend and combine customer eyewear brand requirements, Experienced eyewear design and R&D team with more than 15 years experience.

Below is a acetate sunglasses design with snake in side.


bestsea new sunglasses design

As you know, based on one design, 100 factories make 100 kinds of quality and feeling, because each factory has different taste and handwork.
Our team is very good at grasping client's design concept and express it on real frames. In the production process, in order to achieve the desired results, we added some special processes, frankly speaking, some of our processes are not available in other factories.
Below is a inflated sunglasses with acetate and CR Sunlens.
inflated acetate sunglasses design
Most of our clients comment our quality is better than Italian and Japanese manufacturers, Especially the polishing and lines.
acetate sunglasses with bevel and diamond
Below is a new metal sunglasses design with windsor.
bestsea new metal sunglasses design with windsor
Below is a beta titanium glasses  design from bestsea.
Beta titanium glasses frames design
The picture above is one of our titanium glasses frame designs.
memory glasses with flexible bridge and acetate embrow
The picture above is one of our memory glasses frame designs with a memory metal bridge.
acetate optical glasses with a ring-shaped metal ring on the temple

 The picture above is a pair of acetate optical glasses with a ring-shaped metal ring on the temple.

For more designs, please browse our related web pages, or contact us to obtain the latest eyewear designs. If you are our customer, our design team can also design different eyewear styles for you.

There is a proverb in China, Seeing is believing. In order to start our collaboration, the first step is to review a few samples for the first impression. I firmly believe that we are the supplier you need, Would you like to have a try?
Any requests please contact us any time, thank you!

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