How to protect optical frame to protect our eyes?

21-09-28 16:33:13    By Bestsea eyewear

In the last news article, we briefly introduced that optical frames are divided into: acetate optical frames, metal optical frames, horn optical frames, and there are many sample models of optical frames on our website. Regardless of whether you wear a acetate optical frame or a metal optical frame and horns in your life, the basic maintenance methods are the same. Regarding the maintenance methods related to specific materials, this article will not discuss more here, you can read other articles for understanding or contact us.

1. Take off and put on the optical frame: Pay attention to holding the temples and take them off in parallel directions on both sides of the face. If you take it off with one hand, it will damage the left and right balance of the frame and cause deformation.
Suggestion: Please do not use over-deformed eyewear frames, as over-deformed eyewear frames will cause visual distortion of the eyes.
2. Placement method of optical eyewear:
If you place the eyewear temporarily, please put the convex surface of the eyewear upward; if you place the eyewear for a long time, please wrap them in a glasses cloth and put them in the eyewear case, place the eyewear case near your ears and shake them slightly to distinguish the eyewear. Has the eyewear case been pressed?
Recommendation: Please do not use lenses that have scratches, stains, cracks, etc., otherwise the light will be scattered and it will be difficult to see things. If this continues, it will reduce the vision of the eyes.
3. Storage method of optical eyewear:
When storing the eyewear, please avoid contact with corrosive materials such as insect repellents, toilet products, cosmetics, hair spray, medicines, etc., otherwise it will cause deterioration, and discoloration of the lenses and frames.
Suggestion: Sweat, juice, hair spray, cosmetics, etc. attached to the eyewear frame or eyewear lens, please clean the eyewear with a professional eyewear cleaning liquid immediately.
4. How to clean optical eyewear:
When the eyewear lenses are stained with dust or dirt, dry wiping can easily grind the lenses. Rinse them with clean water and then use a soft paper towel to absorb the moisture. If the lens is very dirty, clean the eyewear with a professional eyewear cleaning solution, then rinse with clean water, and then use a soft tissue to absorb the water.
Recommendation: Regularly clean the eyewear with professional eyewear cleaning fluid, which will extend the life of the eyewear.
5. When the optical eyewear frame is deformed:
The eyewear frame will be deformed after being removed and worn many times. At this time, the nose or ears will feel the burden caused by the deformation of the eyewear frame. Excessive deformation of the frame can cause the lens to fall off. In this case, please give the eyewear to the technicians of the professional shop, they can help you.
Suggestion: Regularly go to a professional store to make adjustments, which will make you feel that wearing eyewear is no longer a burden.

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