What can you do to reduce the damage to vision caused by staying up late?

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In the current life, electronic products are popular, and young people are under pressure to live and work, and staying up late has become a common phenomenon. Everyone knows that staying up late hurts the body and damages vision. Although we can wear optical glasses after myopia, and now the types of eyewear are rich in fashion, we can choose from acetate eyeglasses, metal eyeglasses, titanium eyeglasses, horn glasses, wood eyeglasses, etc. But how many people are willing to wear myopia glasses all the time?Everyone hopes to maintain a good vision, but staying up late has become the norm. So what can we do to reduce the harm of staying up late?

staying up late

People who often stay up late eat more carrots and vitamin A to prevent vision loss.Experts say that vitamin A and vitamin B have a certain effect on preventing vision decline.Vitamin A can regulate the synthesis of rhodopsin, a retinal photosensitive substance, which can improve the adaptability of night workers to dim light and prevent visual fatigue.
Working, studying and living in modern society with tight rhythms, forcing many students and office workers to become "night owls". Staying up late can cause the body's endocrine to disorders and affect vision, stomach and sleep. Medical experts recommend that "night owls" eat more foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, leek, eels, and lean meat, fish, pork liver and other foods rich in vitamin B. Pay attention to eye hygiene to prevent eye fatigue.
In addition, eating more fruits rich in lutein every day can prevent vision degeneration. lutein belongs to "carotene", which has higher content in fresh green vegetables and citrus fruits. Lutein has an important protective role in the "macular" in the retina.If lutein is lacking, it is easy to cause macular degeneration and blurred vision.
In addition to working on diet,people who stay up late must pay attention to strengthening physical exercise. If you feel lack of energy or lethargy in staying up late, you have to rest and do gymnastics or walk for a while. Because staying up late will take up the time of normal sleep,  it is advisable to make every effort to supplement sleep. For example, when you go home from work, you can close your eyes and take a nap on the car for a while, or you can arrange a nap for yourself during the lunch break in the office, which can relieve eye fatigue, restore physical strength and refresh your spirit.
In the Internet era, many people often stay up late to surf the Internet. This is already commonplace, especially for those who profit from the Internet or are obsessed with games.I have seen many individual webmasters staying up late for a long time, it brings a lot of harm to the body.From the aspect of diet and exercise, I will sort out some recipes to prevent health damage caused by staying up late and share them with you.
Choose food such as vegetables and fruits for dinner on the day of staying up late. Vegetables and fruits can make people more spiritual and physical, and it is also very good for the skin.
vegetables and fruits
1. Apple, carrots, spinach, and celery are cut into small pieces, add milk, honey, a little ice, and smash them with a juicer to make nutritious fruit and vegetable juice.
2. Bananas, papaya, and high-quality yogurt are crushed together, rich in nutrition and can supplement a lot of energy needed for the body.
3. The fresh juice composed of two kiwi fruits, four oranges and one lemon contains rich vitamin C, which can supplement physical strength and beauty.
4.Three grapefruit peeled and squeezed into juice, a bunch of grapes crush into grape juice, plus two tablespoons of honey, sour and sweet.
5. A fresh cucumber, 0.5L soybean milk, and 3 pieces of mint leaves are crushed and stirred together to make cool cucumber juice.
I hope the content of this article will help some people who stay up late. Of course, the best way is to reduce staying up late, strengthen physical exercise, and develop a good living habit.


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