How to find the right sunglasses for you

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Spring is like a colored pen, making the whole world more colorful. It tells us that summer is coming, the weather will slowly get war, the sun will become more bright, how to spend the hot summer happily, there is nothing more important than to choose suitable a pair of sunglasses. It is a good way to protect your eyes from the sun's infrared damage, soften the dazzling sun as well, make you happily dance with the sea spray and surround yourself with gorgeous flowers. The perfect pair of sunglasses can keep you in style all the summer time. 

But when you come to the glasses store, you will find that there are so many types of glasses. Glasses of different materials and designs show different styles. There are acetate glasses with rich colors, metal glasses that are slender, titanium glasses that are light, and horn glasses that have a natural and noble texture... You will definitely say, my God, there are so many options, how should I choose? Don’t worry, as long as you choose step by step according to this article, you will be able to find a pair of sunglasses that suits you.
Below is a pair of acetate sunglasses with single-gray, UV protection Sunlens and gold metal temples.
 a pair of acetate sunglasses UV protection Sunlens
So, how should you find the right sunglasses for you? In this world, everyone is unique, there are different face shapes, different temperaments and different preferences for dressing. Therefore, when choosing sunglasses, you must consider many factors to find the right one.
*** Face shape is the most important factor in choosing sunglasses.
Everyone has a different face shape, including round face, oval face, square face, heart-shaped face, diamond face, etc. Therefore, you must first confirm which face shape you have. Here, we provide several main face shapes for your reference. You can look in the mirror and see which face shape you are closest to. Everyone is unique, and no face is exactly the same, so you just need to find the closest face shape.
The pictures below are some basic face shapes for your reference:
 basic face shapes 
The pictures below are some frame shapes for your reference:
frame shapes
Round face. The face shape is round, and the ratio of width to length is basically 1:1. The face is fleshy, smooth, and has no edges and corners. If you have a round face, you need to find glasses with frames that have more angles and edges to complement your face shape, such as polygonal sunglasses, rectangular sunglasses, etc. The following are some for your reference.
 sunglasses for round face
Square face. The outer contour of the face is square, and the ratio of width-to-length is 1:1. The face has sharp edges and corners, giving people a sharp look. If you have a square face, please choose glasses with smooth, rounded edges to soften your features. Oval glasses or glasses with round frames are one of the best options. If you like some special styles, you can also choose aviator glasses or cat-eye frames. The shape of these frames can also make your face look softer. In addition, rimless sunglasses are also a good choice. You must remember not to choose rectangular or square glasses, because they will make your appearance more rough. Be sure to choose glasses that can soften your appearance. 
sunglasses for square face
Rectangular face. This face shape has a narrow facial width, looks thin and long, showing a long face, with a horizontal hairline and a high forehead, straight cheek lines, and sharp outline angles. Choose wider sunglasses to visually widen the facial proportions horizontally, which can make the face appear more delicate without elongating the face shape, giving people a cool feeling. When choosing glasses for this face shape, you should avoid square sunglasses, because they will make the face look longer and squarer, magnifying the shortcomings. Wearing sunglasses with large frames and relatively round shapes will make your face look wider and shorter, which will weaken the sense of incongruity that is too long.
sunglasses for rectangular face
Equilateral triangle face. This face shape has a narrow forehead, wide cheeks, a plump and angled mandible, and a rounded hairline, forming a narrow top and wide bottom, giving people a sense of staidness and richness. People with triangular faces would be better to choose round or oval sunglasses frames. Triangular faces have too many angles, so choosing round or oval sunglasses frames can round out the face shape, giving you a softer, more standout appearance.
 Sunglasses for equilateral triangle face
An triangle face is also called a heart-shaped face. The face shape features with a wide forehead and a narrow and pointed chin, forming a proportion of larger at the top and smaller at the bottom. This face shape is also a relatively beautiful face shape. An inverted triangle face is characterized by a wide forehead and a pointed chin, forming a shape similar to an inverted triangle. When choosing sunglasses, avoid heart-shaped glasses, as this shape makes the face look pointier and looks out of place. Sunglasses shapes suitable for inverted triangle faces include round, oval and aviator sunglasses, but glasses with very obvious angles and edges should be avoided. Cat-eye glasses are also a good choice.
Sunglasses for heart face
Rhombus face, also known as diamond-shaped face. People with a straight face generally have a thin face, prominent cheekbones, a pointed forehead, a narrow hairline, a more three-dimensional face, no fat on the face, and looks like sharp-witted and sensible. Diamond-shaped faces are suitable for wearing oval-frame glasses, because such glasses frames can cover the sunken face and show full temples. They can also weaken the lines of the face and make the mandibular angle look softer and more elegant. For people with diamond-shaped faces, sunglasses frames can weaken the lines of the face, showing a soft and elegant side.
 Sunglasses for diamond-shaped face
After knowing your face shape, then choose the color of glasses that suits your skin tone. There are four main skin colors in this world, white, yellow, black and brown. People of different skin tones often have different hair colors and different facial features. These are factors to consider when choosing glasses. Of course, your clothes, pants, hat and even scarf are all important factors. So how to choose the color that suits you?
Skin tone is one of the most important factors in choosing a color.
 Choose sunglasses based on skin tone
People with fair skin can choose brightly colored sunglasses frames, such as red, pink, blue, etc. These colors can highlight the fair skin and make people look more energetic and dynamic. In addition, dark or black sunglasses frames are also very suitable for people with fair skin, which can highlight the beauty eyes and the three-dimensional sense of the face.
People with yellow skin can choose gold, rose gold or light-toned sunglasses frames, such as silver, light blue, etc. These colors can balance skin tones and make people look more comfortable and natural. Avoid eyeglass frames that are too bright or dark, as they can make your skin look duller.
People with dark skin can choose brightly colored or metallic glasses frames, such as gold, silver or red. These colors can highlight the texture and health of the skin, making people look more confident and stylish. Avoid eyeglass frames that are too light or subdued, as they can make your skin look duller.
Brown skin can often look flattering on warm, rich colors such as crimson, rust, gold, and olive green. Earthy tones like brown, beige, and peach also look great. Cooler tones like blues, greens and pinks will also work, but this will depend on the specific undertones of an individual's skin. If you're not sure what your undertone is or just what you like, you can wear glasses in a more neutral color.
If you can consider the clothing when choosing sunglasses, you can make your overall image more perfect.
 Choose sunglasses based on clothing
Everyone may have many sets of clothing. Different clothing paired with different types and colors of glasses can make your overall image more perfect, because glasses are the finishing touch of fashion. If you are wearing casual sports-style clothes, you can choose sports-style glasses to complete your overall look. If you are wearing elegant and formal clothes, you may choose classic glasses to give a noble and elegant feeling.
***Choose the right size for sunglasses to make them more comfortable to wear.
 right size for sunglasses
Choosing the right eyeglass size is important to ensure comfort and normal vision. Here are some suggested points for choosing eyeglass size:
1. Lens width: Generally speaking, the lens width should be roughly similar to the width of the face, but it does not have to be exactly the same. If the lens is too wide or too narrow, it may result in poor vision.
2. Nose bridge width: The narrower the nose bridge width, the smaller the nose bridge width is required, but if the nose bridge width is not enough, it may cause the glasses to keep sliding down. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate frame support width based on your nose bridge width.
3. Temple length: The length of the temples should be consistent with the curved position behind the ears. It should not be too long or too short, otherwise it may cause uncomfortable wearing.
Lens type. Different types of Sunlens can provide different feelings and effects.
 Different types of Sunlens
First look at the color. Different Sunlens colors have different functions. Here is a summary of several common Sunlens colors for your reference.
Gray Sunlens: The most common color of Sunlens. Viewing objects through gray Sunlens can maintain the truest color of objects. It can effectively reduce light intensity and is a neutral color, suitable for most occasions.
Blue-gray Sunlens: It’s close to gray, but darker in color and with higher visible light absorption rate, suitable for areas with particularly strong light.
Brown Sunlens: With Soft vision, it can effectively filter most of the harmful blue light, and slow down the development of retinal diseases such as maculopathy. The color of objects will be distorted and contrast can be enhanced, making it suitable for wear in hazy, cloudy and other weather conditions.
Green Sunlens: It can filter out part of the blue light, reduce the glare effect, and relieve visual fatigue.
Yellow Sunlens: It can hardly reduce visible light, but can improve contrast in foggy and dusk moments, suitable for driving when the light is poor.
Second, look at the material. Common materials for Sunlens include CR39, nylon and glass. Among them, glass lenses are heavy and are rarely used nowadays. CR39 has good light transmittance and hardness, and nylon lenses have very good toughness and good light transmittance. They are all good Sunlens.
Third, look at the functions. Good Sunlens have UV protection function, and high-quality Sunlens also have anti-reflective coating, waterproof coating, grease-proof coating, etc. These functions are very important for your travels and allow you to have a more perfect experience. These functions of sun lenses can be learned from our articles related to lens functions.
The picture below is a pair of square-frame acetate sunglasses.
 Stylish square sunglasses
Of course, you can also ask your friends around you to give you advice on what kind of clothing to choose and what kind of sunglasses to choose. Of course, you can also look in the mirror yourself and choose a pair of sunglasses that you like, which are the best sunglasses, don’t t you think?
The picture below is a pair of goggle-shaped acetate inflatede sunglasses.
 Special acetate sunglasses
If you read the above content carefully and choose carefully, I believe you will be able to choose a pair of sunglasses that suits you.


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