Besides fashion, what are the functions of sunglasses?

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Besides fashion, what are the functions of sunglasses?

Up to now, half a month has passed since the summer solstice. The temperature will continue to rise, and we have started the living mode of eating watermelon with air conditioning at home. How comfortable! Take a look, the sun outside is too big, I wish I didn't go out for a day, but it's impossible not to go out for a day. I haven't lived a life of complete wealth and freedom! For example, I'm still searching for materials by typing the keyboard to write this article about the functions of sunglasses! When you go out, remember to take good sun protection, such as: wearing sunscreen and wearing sunglasses!

So far, you have guessed what I'm going to write next (nonsense, you know what I'm going to write after reading the title). Yes, that's right. Let's learn about the sunglasses functions.

According to the material, sunglasses are divided into two kinds, acetate sunglasses and metal sunglasses. I won't repeat it here. I will explain it in detail in later articles. 

The first function of sunglasses is needless to say by the author. As we all know, it's decoration and fashion. Even if our clothes are ordinary, wearing it,we must be the most beautiful ones on the street!

stay at home in summer

Knock on the blackboard, the author should be serious, the following to learn the sunglasses professional practical function with you.

fashion metal sunglasses
Sunglasses function 1:Protect the eyes from UV damage, which is one of the most important functions of sunglasses. Ultraviolet ray is one of the harmful rays to human body. Long term exposure of eyes to ultraviolet light is easy to cause diseases. Therefore, when many eyewear manufacturers make sunglasses, they usually add UV powder to enhance the anti UV ability of the lenses.
The sunglasses will protect your eyes

Sunglasses function 2: prevent strong light. When the eye receives too much light, the iris contracts naturally. Once the iris shrinks to the limit, people need to squint. If there is still too much light, such as sunlight reflected by snow, it can damage the retina. High quality sunglasses can filter up to 97% of the light into the eyes to avoid injury.

one of the functions of sunglasses can protect the eyes from UV damage
Sunglasses function 3:prevent glare. Some object surfaces, such as water, will reflect a lot of light, so the bright spots will interfere with the line of sight or hide objects. High quality sunglasses can use polarizing technology to completely eliminate this glare.
sunglasses can prevent strong light and glare
Sunglasses function 4: eliminate light at a specific frequency. Some frequencies of light blur the line of sight, while others enhance contrast. Choose the right color for sunglasses to get better effect in specific environment. 
a cat in sunglasses

That's the function of sunglasses. Do you remember? It doesn't matter if you don't remember. If you think this article is valuable and helpful, you can collect and forward the author's article and browse it from time to time.

If you have finished reading this article, thank you! I will continue to learn, to bring you new valuable content! If you don't finish reading and feel that the author's level is too rubbish, I will continue to learn and bring you new valuable content!

Thank you for watching!

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