Tritan Renew lens Introduction

23-09-22 22:30:04    By Bestsea eyewear

Environmental protection is the theme of today's world, and renewable products are increasingly recognized and loved by people. The Tritan Renew lens is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Here we will learn about its applications and advantages.

It can be used for glasses frames made of various materials, such as acetate glasses, metal glasses, titanium glasses, horn glasses and wood glasses frame, etc. The picture below is a pair of acetate inflatable glasses with Tritan Renew lens.
Inflated acetate sunglasses
All the durability, performance, and safety you’ve come to expect with Tritan™ from Eastman.
Certified recycled content
● Eastman Tritan™ Renew provides the sustainability you need without sacrificing the quality and your customers 
● Have come to expect. Tritan Renew is powered by revolutionary recycling technology that transforms single-use. 
● Plastic waste into durable materials, offsetting the use of fossil fuels and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. 
Tritan Renew is the same tough, safe, BPA-free material you know and trust—but revitalized thanks to Eastman’s innovative recycling technologies. 
Tritan Renew is enabled through a unique process that breaks down waste plastic back into its basic chemical building blocks, allowing plastic materials to be recycled again and again. 
With Tritan Renew, you get all the performance and safety of virgin materials while meeting your sustainability goals. It reduces the amount of plastic going into the waste stream without compromising function or aesthetics.
Tritan Renew provides you with a material that boasts as much as 50% certified recycled content,* making it easy to put your sustainability story in your messaging.
Transparency and Trust Through Certification.
Tritan Renew Introduction lens has passed ISCC certification. ISCC certification follows transparent standardized rules and is audited by third parties. 
The rules are developed through multi-stakeholder processes, so customers can be assured that the recycled content is accurate and trustworthy through certification from the highly regarded ISCC Plus standard. The ISCC Plus standard has detailed rules for establishing recycled content, and Eastman is regularly audited for compliance and certification to that standard.
Creating a new life for old waste.
The production process of tritan renew lens

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