Where does our horn come from?

22-04-07 15:42:43    By Bestsea eyewear

As a responsible buffalo horn glasses manufacturer, our horns mainly come from Indian buffalo horn and Chinese Tibetan plateau yak horn, not from endangered species. Horns are not collected until their natural life cycle is complete.If you're an animal lover like me, you're probably worried about how the horns are obtained. Asian buffaloes are not scarce and are actually abundant enough to harvest their horns without harming the animals!

1. Our Horn

2. Horn Color Display

Different breeds of horns have different horn colors. Common horn colors are shown in the picture. Each horn has its own unique texture, and each pair of horn glasses is more or less black or blood varietal. The temple made of yellow horn is yellow translucent, comfortable and moist in color, while the black temple is made of buffalo horn, moist and loose in texture. You can see the natural texture in your hand or under the light, soft and bright with black reflection. reflection.

3. Some Buffalo Horn Eyewear Color Display

In addition to the natural tone of the horn, you can create more tones by combining two kinds of horn materials or using natural dyes.Here are some examples of horn colors.


Black and White

Black and Flower

Light Brown

Laminated by two kinds of Horn

Laminated Horn and Wood Together

The above information comes from the share of Bestsea eyewear manufacturer in China and the real situation of our horn raw materials.Hope it helps you in making your own buffalo horn glasses.

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