The whole process of eyewear processing

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Do you know the whole process of eyewear processing?If you don't understand, please follow the vision of the Bestsea eyewear manufacturer in China to learn about the production process of eyewear.
1. Get creative. In the early creative stages of developing new eyewear, designers draw inspiration from around the world, capture trendy fashion elements and revisit them from an innovative perspective, creating frontier designs. They focus on fashion, architecture, clothing, people, etc. and draw inspiration from them.In their spare time, designers will also go to the eyewear exhibition to understand the latest popular elements and popular eyewear styles.
 eyewear exhibition
Eyewear exhibition 
2. The design of eyewear. The design phase is critical to achieving results that reflect the elements and style of the brand's logo. Designers develop various style models in draft, and then complete the final design drawings according to the brand series and visual language. Therefore, the result of the design can perfectly express the elements of the brand and the current fashion.
 eyewear design
3. Make sample: After the design draft is confirmed, enter the sample making stage. For each new product, the sample department will make sample according to the production process to ensure that the same perfect presentation in large quantities. Once the sample gets the final confirmation from the customer, it will enter the formal order stage.
 Our engineers are drawing CAD drawings
Our engineers are drawing CAD drawings
4. Prepare the eyewear material. The materials used in different styles and colors are different. The purchasing department must make a purchase order according to the needs of the bulk order, prepare various materials, notify the inspection department for incoming material inspection, and finally put them into storage. 
5. Mass production: Mass production is completed between the machine and the hand. The production of a pair of eyewear requires more than dozens of processes. Skilled workers can ensure that every step of the selection and implementation of materials is strictly controlled. 
The life of metal eyewear starts from raw materials. A pair of eyewear can often be made of different metal materials. The most suitable materials must be used according to the characteristics of the product to ensure high-quality and smooth completion. Welding is done by hand, and in different steps, the front frame and other metal elements, such as the front frame, temples, nose pads, etc., are welded together. The parts of each pair of eyewear are assembled piece by piece and then ready for tumbling. The metal surface is polished and then electroplated with a protective coating to achieve the desired color and effect. 
Acetate eyewear starts with a large piece of acetate in different thicknesses and colors. These acetate sheets are cut into small pieces for the production of the front frame, which are then adjusted to the required thickness by specialized machines. The next step is to send the diced acetate pieces to the CNC department, where they are cut to the desired contours and shapes by advanced precision machinery. The subsequent process is a highly manual work. Skilled workers process the material in a series of different degrees to achieve the shape of the design sketch. These semi-finished products are now ready for tumbling. This is the key to getting high-quality eyewear. The front frame and temple of optical frame and sunglasses have to go through several roller and polishing processes to achieve the final bright effect. 
After preparing the hinges and copper needles, we are ready to move on to the next step, where the copper needles are machined into the interior of the acetate temple. After inserting the metal copper needle, after the grinding process of the CNC machine tool, adding details, such as trademarks or printing, and then grinding and polishing in the tumbling stage, it can be assembled on the front frame. 
6. Assembly of eyewear. This process must be done manually, including printing, installing metal decoration installing lenses, holding the frame, polishing, wiping the frame, final inspection, packaging, and putting each pair of eyewear into the glasses case.
Our workers are assembling eyewear
Our workers are assembling eyewear

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