Why acetate optical frame is more scientific?

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Now there are a variety of myopia frames on the market for consumers to choose from, which are mainly divided into two categories in terms of materials: acetate eyewear and metal eyewear. Do you know which glasses are more scientific to wear? In terms of comfort and vision protection for myopic patients, the acetate optical frame is more scientific to wear than the metal optical frames.
women wearing acetate frame opcial
Each lens has an optical center point. The eye sees the object through the center point ideally.  Away from the center point, the worse the imaging effect and the more uncomfortable the eye is.
We will think, if we can see objects through the optical center point as much as possible, can we get more comfortable and scientific eyewear?
In other words, with the right luminosity, if we try to avoid the eyes sweeping to the edge of the lens, can we ensure comfort?
The answer is yes.
Under the premise of accurate optometry, the following 5 actions can guarantee to achieve this goal.
A) Everyone knows that eyeglasses must measure the interpupillary distance, and even monocular interpupillary distance should be considered.
two methods of measuring interpupillary distance
B) The pupil height is also measured. Many people wear glasses with their eyes positioned 1/2 way up from the frame height.If we move the optical center point up a few millimeters, can we achieve this goal better?
C) Acetate glasses have a small distance between the lens and the eye, that is, the lens is closer to the eyes, the eyes can only scan a small central area in front of the eyes, and the edge part is difficult to scan. The lens of the metal frame is far away from the eyes, and the eyes can easily sweep to the edge area with a slight rotation of the eyes, which naturally reduces the comfort.
distance from lens to eye
The smaller the eye distance, the smaller the aberrations and the less the object shrinks/grows up. Therefore, the lens distance of contact lenses is 0, even if the anisometropia is super large, wearing contact lenses is particularly comfortable. You might as well try to pull your frame to look far away, the comfort will be greatly reduced, and the dizziness will be there.
D) The surface curvature of the spectacle frame is adjusted to be appropriately larger, which can also achieve the purpose of not being able to easily see the side edge of the lens.
frame curvature
E) Increasing the forward tilt angle within a reasonable range can also make it difficult for the eyes to see the lower edge area of ​​the lens.
The editor who has worked in an optical shop has a deep understanding. Customers used to wear metal optical, but they always don't need to adapt to acetate frames, and they feel good. And when They switch to a metal frame, I always say that I am a little dizzy when they see things, a little deformed, and a little shaking.
forward tilt angle
The reason for this is nothing more than: whether the eye sees objects through the central area of ​​the appropriate lens. In other words, when you see something you shouldn't see, you get dizzy.
Speaking of which, it's not that you can't choose metal frames if you wear myopia glasses, but that, in comparison, from this point of view, acetate optical are indeed a more scientific choice.
High-end lenses can maintain the customer's comfort even if the customer sees the edge and the fitting is not very suitable. And excellent fitting personnel can make customers comfortable wearing ordinary lenses, which reflects the value of practitioners.
The successful fitting of a good pair of glasses requires not only accurate optometry, but also a variety of reasonable choices for customers, and also needs to master the adjustment skills of the frames. Optometrists should understand processing, and processors should understand optometry, and also need to have a deep understanding of the product knowledge of each lens.


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