Will wearing eyewear for a long time deform the eyeball?

22-09-21 20:43:53    By Bestsea eyewear

Modern society is an electronic society. Excessive use of electronic products will stimulate the eyes and cause changes in people's vision, resulting in myopia. At this time, you must wear myopia glasses to correct your vision. Then, you can choose a pair of eyewear you like, such as Acetate Eyewear, Metal Eyewear or Titanium Eyewear, or even Horn Eyewear made of natural materials or Wooden glasses, etc., together with optical lenses suitable for your vision condition. This looks cool. But in fact, this is a helpless choice for many people, and it will bring a lot of inconvenience to life. One of the troubles is that wearing eyewear for a long time will deform the eyeball?

Further deepening of myopia will cause exophthalmos. In some patients with hyperthyroidism, the tumor behind the eyeball will cause exophthalmos, which has nothing to do with wearing glasses, so there is no need to worry that wearing glasses will cause exophthalmos.
Wearing glasses is due to refractive errors such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, which can cause deformation of the eyeball. If the patient has a refractive error, the eyes may be deformed with or without glasses. If you are just ordinary myopia, you don't have to worry about this problem.
There are two main things to know about exophthalmos.
1. Exophthalmos refers to the length of the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball. Generally, people with high myopia who are not more than 600 degrees will not protrude obviously if they wear glasses for a long time.
2. Generally, myopia does not develop after the age of 18, but some people with high myopia will continue to deepen their myopia every year, accompanied by the continuous lengthening of the eye axis. In general, the eye axis of normal people is between 23-24mm. Some studies believe that for every 1mm increase in the eye axis of high myopia, the myopia degree increases by 160-300 degrees.
How to wear glasses correctly to prevent eye deformation?
1. Because some people have not worn glasses in the past, they can't adapt to the difference between seeing things with glasses and real objects for a while, and have dizziness, or even dare not walk. If this happens, they should stick to wearing glasses and gradually adapt to it.
2. If you are unable to adapt to the glasses for a long time, you should further review the lenses to check whether they are consistent with the data of the photometric inspection, including checking whether the pupil distance is consistent with the optical center of the lenses.
3. Young people with myopia higher than 600 degrees should often wear myopic glasses, and those with mild myopia below 200 degrees need to wear them when looking far, but can not wear them when looking close.
4. After wearing glasses, pay attention to eye hygiene to prevent the development of myopia.
5. The protection of glasses is very important. When taking and wearing glasses, you should take and wear them with both hands to avoid loosening the temples. When placing glasses, you should try not to touch the table to avoid wear and scratches.
Therefore, wearing glasses itself will not cause eye deformation. The real reason for the deformation is improper eye protection, which deepens myopia and forms eye deformation. We usually must pay attention to whether our glasses are correct and cherish our glasses. In addition, it is also very important to choose a pair of glasses that suits you. Don't just look at the style and color, but also whether the weight and size of the glasses are suitable, that is, whether they are comfortable to wear. After all, glasses are products that can be worn on the face for a long time.


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