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Inflated glasses with ultra-thick cellulose acetate and rounded surfaces redefine the classic acetate glasses, creating an "inflated" avant-garde outline inspired by inflated balloons. Inflated acetate glasses can be designed in square, classic cat-eye, lip, and other shapes, which are both classic and fashionable. However, most traditional inflated sunglasses are made of plastic and use injection-molding technology. After repeated research and testing, combined with traditional pressing technology and advanced glasses production technology, we can use the current popular acetate sheet instead of plastic to make glasses. The inflated sunglasses we produce are brighter, thicker, and more luxurious.Bevel glasses and angular sunglasses are also the current fashion trend. We combine the CNC diamond knife and pressing process to present a more diversified and perfect bevel-cutting effect.

Inflated acetate sunglasses
Inflatable sunglasses feature eye-catching oversized frames made of brightly colored acetate fibers such as black, red, green, and yellow. The unique and almost inflated appearance of inflatable glasses gives people the illusion that they are filled with air. The acetate fiber and pressing process creates an incredible gloss, which has the advantages of better hardness and isn’t easily deformed.
round bevel acetate glasses
Round glasses have always been one of the most classic styles. This eyewear has a lot of classic elements, such as a round frame, round eyebrows, a smooth bevel, and a raised spherical end piece. Most importantly, it is made of acetate, combining traditional pressing techniques and advanced glasses manufacturing techniques, making it getting classic and luxurious.
diamond style bevel sunglasses
Diamond is one of people's favorite accessories, it represents fashion and luxury. Can the diamond shape be engraved on the popular acetate glasses? Yes, we did it with CNC engraving and the traditional pressing process! A clear and smooth diamond shape with the thickness of cellulose acetate, it's what you're looking for.
Square U-shaped ARC bevel sunglasses
Here show different glasses manufacturing techniques. The front frames have a concave rounded surface. We can achieve this effect through two techniques. One is CNC technology, where the diamond knife of a CNC machine is carved on its surface for a long time to obtain this shape. The other is through pressing technology. The pressing process is to make a strong metal mold and press the acetate into this shape. If you have similar glasses, please contact us. We will use the best technology to give you the best results.

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Features of inflated acetate glasses
and Bevel cut glasses

Personality and Luxury

Inflatable acetate sunglasses full of vitality are thick and oversized, are made of glossy cellulose acetate, and are inspired by gas-filled balloons. The thick texture of acetate and the bold shape show personality and luxury, easy to blend with casual and vacation wear.


Shape and Color

The shape of inflatable glasses is unique and personalized. The big frame is one of the main features. Its shapes generally include square, circular, elliptical, lip-shaped, heart-shaped, etc, and its colors often use solid colors, such as red, green, purple, yellow, white, or some transparent colors.

Less Deformation

Easy deformation of acetate glasses is one of the most difficult problems for all eyewear manufacturers to solve. Because inflated glasses and bevel glasses use the pressing technology to make the acetate sheet more dense, and the use of molds to achieve one piece to shape, the whole set of glasses will be more rigid, and not easy to deform.


Uniform Size

Inflatable glasses and bevel glasses are made after mold pressing and then through a series of other eyewear manufacturing processes. Because the mold is fixed, the glasses produced in each batch are identical. And because the density and hardness are higher than ordinary acetate glasses, it will not shrink because of water loss over time.

Fewer After-sales Issues

Inflated glasses and bezel glasses have a more uniform size and less deformation, so their service life is longer and less damage.




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