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Memory glasses craft. Flexible glasses and memory metal glasses are more durable, lightweight, and strong than conventional metal glasses allowing wearers to confidently embrace every challenge without hesitation. The flexible glasses artwork is mostly used in the middle bridge, temples, etc., suitable for acetate frames, Metal frames, and Titanium frames with these memory metal parts. Our memory glasses have passed various tests, such as the twist test, low-temperature resistance test, etc. We will test each batch of goods and provide you with a complete test video. We design and manufacture flexible glasses. Check out our flexible glasses frames now!

Features of memory metal glasses include flexible, durable and strong. The above picture of memory glasses only shows that we can design and produce this type of flexible glasses, the middle bridge is made of memory metal, and the two metal front rings are connected by special welding process together. The memory metal bridge increases the wearing comfort of the glasses and longer life.
As can be seen from the picture, the metal temples of this flexible glasses can be twisted 360 degrees, with strong toughness and flexible. Because it is made of memory metal. This picture only represents that we can make memory glasses. The temple is one of the most important parts of the glasses, if the memory glasses has good flexibility and strength, it can increase the comfort and be suitable for more face sizes.
The flexible glasses are made of acetate and metal. The bridge of the memory glasses is made of memory metal. The memory bridge has amazing flexibility and strength, and you can wear it at will, this function is not available in ordinary glasses. The welding of memory metal has many technical points, not only must it be firm, but also must withstand the test of high temperature and low temperature.
This memory titanium frames, the middle and top bridge is made of memory metal. Beta-titanium has better elasticity and toughness, but it can only twist to a certain extent, while memory titanium frames has better flexible, so no matter how you drop, bend or twist it, it will still return to its original state again and again.

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Features of memory glasses frame


With revolutionary flexible glasses technology, memory glasses and memory titanium glasses is ready for whatever life throws your way. Drop, bend, or flex it and it will still return to its original shape time and time again.



Aim to keep up with your active lifestyle, the flexible and durable memory construction of the memory glasses provides superior strength and durability that makes you no longer worry about your glasses easily damaged,and you will be carefree and joyous each day.

When the memory metal glasses frames adopt advanced memory metal into bridge and temple will let the frame bend, twist but return to the original shape. So, memory metal glasses have unrivaled properties that deliver superior quality, making the frame more durable, lighter, and more durable than traditional metal; allowing you to take on every challenge with confidence without disappointment. With years of design and engineering experience, we have developed a collection with no limits, such as memory metal combined with rubber, acetate, stainless steel and titanium.


Longer Life

Are you hard on glasses? Are your glasses distorted from sleeping with them on? Are you troubled by the deformation of glasses? The flexible glasses using memory metal technology can provide your glasses with flexible middle bridges and temples, making them more comfortable to wear without worrying about deformation.

Once the glasses are deformed, they need to be changed back to their original shape by hand. Too many times, it will be easy to damage. So, memory glasses technology solves this problem, it prolongs the life of your memory glasses.




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