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Metal glasses and titanium glasses are one of our main products.To produce a high-quality product, we must pay attention to every detail in every process from design, material, mold to production. After polishing the product, we have to take it for electroplating. Including water plating and IP plating. This pocess of electroplating is not done by ourselves,some high-quality electroplating factory outside. Some of the colors shown on this page are for your reference only. You can also tell the color you need, we can customize these colors.

Plating Colour for your reference:

Bestsea metal plating color1
Bestsea metal plating color2
Bestsea metal plating color3
Bestsea metal plating color4
Bestsea metal plating color5
Bestsea metal plating color6
Bestsea metal plating color7
Bestsea metal plating color9
Bestsea metal plating color9
Bestsea metal plating color9

Rim Style for your reference:

The surface of the commonly used metal ring is flat, this page shows the pattern on the surface,it can be made of metal or titanium.. The pictures are for reference only, there are many more actual styles. If you have special needs, you can provide us with your pattern, and we can customize it for you;

rim style
rim style


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