What should I do if my new eyewear are uncomfortable?

If the size, the degree of the lens and weight of the eyewear are appropriate, they should be improved and comfortable day by day. If not, there may be something wrong with your glasses.

Choose eyewear according to the temple printing

Many people wear glasses for many years, but don't understand what the printing on the temples means, This article mainly talks about how to choose eyewear according to the temple printing

Will wearing eyewear for a long time deform the eyeball?

More and more people wear myopia glasses, and the styles and colors of myopia glasses are becoming more and more rich. One of the troubles is that wearing glasses for a long time will deform the eyeball?

It is no small matter that eyewear slips easily

The glasses must be stable when worn on the face. If it isn't unstable, the eyewear slips easily,which will cause many problems, especially the myopia glasses. This article teaches you how to deal with and correct this problem.

Factors that affect the price of eyewear

There is a reason for the big difference in the price of glasses. What are the main factors that affect the price of eyewear? In this article, I will mainly give you an analysis of four major factors.

Factors that affect the thickness of the lens

For many people who wear myopic glasses, it is very important to wear a pair of light and thin eyewear. After all, eyewear must be worn frequently on the face. So, what are the factors that affect the thickness of the lens?

Quality control points of metal eyewear

Metal glasses are one of the most common types of eyewear at present. This article mainly talks about how to control the quality of metal eyewear in the production process. After a series of processes such as material selection, accessory production,

Common eyewear surface treatment process

Common eyewear surface treatment processes mainly include wrapping, decal paper, Windsor circle wrapping, laser, 3D printing, etc. the following is a brief introduction.

Why choose wooden glasses?

what kind of experience can wooden eyewear bring us?These unique experiences are not found in other glasses, and these can only be brought to you by wood eyewear!That's why we choose wooden glasses.

How wood eyewear are made?

Today, I will give you a brief introduction to how wooden eyewear are made?Step 1: We will choose from a wide range of woods. Be it beech, oak, cherry, black gold, sandalwood, or any other kind of wood.