Do you know the whole process of eyewear processing?

Do you know the whole process of eyewear processing?If you don't understand, please follow the vision of the Bestsea eyewear manufacturer in China to learn about the production process of eyewear.1. Get creative.In the early creative stages of deve

How are Bestsea's acetate eyewear produced?

How are Bestsea's acetate eyewear produced? Do you know how acetate frame are made? Please follow my footsteps, let's go to see the production process of acetate eyeglasses. In the past, we have introduced the production process of acetate eyewear in

What is Mazzucchelli acetate?

Thousands of materials are used for eyewear, all kinds of metals, acetate, TR, and various materials have created eyewear frames with various styles and shapes. But do you know what's the top acetate? Is it different from the ordinary acetate frame o

Where does our horn come from?

As a responsible buffalo horn eyewear manufacturer, our horns mainly come from Indian buffalo horn and Chinese Tibetan plateau yak horn, not from endangered species. Horns are not collected until their natural life cycle is complete.

Why acetate eyewear can be outstanding in the eyewear industry?

Do you know who invented cellulose acetate fiber?When did acetate eyewear appear?How is it produced?And its impact on the world and you and me?

What is TR90 eyeglasses?

What is a TR90 eyeglasses?what are the characteristics of the TR90 glasses frames material?The TR90 eyeglass frame is about half the weight of the acetate eyewear and 85% of the nylon material, which can reduce the burden on the nose and ears

How do we control the lens quality?

In a pair of eyewear , the quality of the lenses plays a crucial role in the protection of vision. Whether it is a customer's sample or bulk, we will choose high-quality lenses. A good pair of eyewear must not be destroyed by a poor pair of lenses. W

how we make it:acetate lamination eyewear?

this is how we make it: acetate lamination eyewear ? step 1: selection of best materials step 2:CNC milling 1、hole for tooliong position 2、outer shape 3、area for lamination advantages: 1、100% precise and stability 2、 lowest cost,100% automation step

Principles are more important than interests

A customer asked: what brands do you cooperate with? A customer wants us to send brand photos of cooperative customers I understand what you think. But I can only answer that we cooperate with medium and high-end customers. According to the confident

what polarized sunglasses are better?

what polarized sunglasses are better? Before answering this question, let me tell you what is polarization? The so-called polarized light is the irregular reflected light generated when light passes through uneven roads, water surfaces and other plac