advantages of memory glasses

What are the advantages of memory glasses? The biggest feature of memory glasses is the function of memory shape with durable,flexible and strong. Let us understand the main advantages of memory eyeglass frames.

How can teenagers protect their eyesight?

For many teenagers, since the use of electronic products cannot be completely avoided, it is necessary for parents to find a suitable solution. I hope this article will be helpful to these parents.

Importance of glasses maintenance

With the right glasses, you can protect your eyes. Therefore, to protect your glasses is to protect your eyes. I hope this article can make us have a better understanding of the importance of maintaining glasses.

What are the benefits of acetate frames?

What are the benefits of acetate frames?acetate glasses can be liked by people, acetate glasses have certain elasticity, environmental protection materials, easy processing, diverse styles, rich colors and easy to match with clothing.

The factors that determine the quality of optical glasses

It's easy to choose the shape of glasses. You just have to look, try and choose what you like. But for myopia glasses, you need to pay attention to more than that. Summarize some factors that determine the quality of optical glasses, hoping to......

What can you do to reduce the damage to vision caused by staying up late?

What can you do to reduce the damage to vision caused by staying up late?People who often stay up late eat more carrots and vitamin A to prevent vision loss.Experts say that vitamin A and vitamin B have a certain effect on preventing vision decline.

Incorrect posture of wearing glasses

A correct posture of wearing glasses, you must be very harmonious in the eyes of others, and you will feel very comfortable. Otherwise, there must be something wrong with this pair of glasses, which is mostly caused by incorrect posture.

What are the foods that protect the eyes?

In addition to paying attention to the correct use of eyes, we should also pay attention to diet,eat more of the foods introduced in this article,and supplement vitamin A, B, C and E,calcium,chromium,zinc and other trace elements needed by the eyes.

Introduction of resin lens

Resin lens is the most common type of lens at present. For example, the most popular acetate glasses at present use CR-39 resin lens as the sun lens, while metal glasses and titanium frames often use CR-39 resin lens besides nylon lens.

How to choose sunglasses for myopic patients?

Sunglasses can not only beautify your appearance, but also protect your eyes from UV damage, so they are more and more popular. Can myopia patients wear sunglasses? How to choose sunglasses for myopic patients?