Who is not suitable for wearing sunglasses?

In hot summer days, wearing sunglasses is not suitable for everyone. For some people, it is not only beneficial but harmful. According to experts. Patients with the following diseases are not suitable to wear sunglasses.

Can kids wear sunglasses?

Kids often play outdoors, and the sun is very strong, they are afraid of UV damage to their eyes. So, will sunglasses also affect children's visual development? This article takes the advice of an expert, hoping to help you.

Combination of materials for horn glasses

In addition to the horn glasses made of natural horn materials, there are actually many horn glasses that are made of mixed materials, such as making more colorful horn glasses with plates, wood, titanium or ordinary metals frame.

how to spot fake and real buffalo horn glasses

Horn glasses are made of natural horn material, which are more expensive. This article introduces some methods to spot fake and real buffalo horn glasses, hoping to help you buy the real horn glasses you like.

What are the difficulties in memory glasses processing?

What is the difficulty in the processing technology of memory glasses? Compared with other types of glasses, memory metal glasses have higher technical requirements, and more attention must be paid to every link in the material selection...

Buffalo horn glasses material introduction

Buffalo horn glasses materials are black, milk white, white, light brown, dark brown, and other colors. The original horn is in the shape of a triangular cone, it must be processed by a professional factory to become a piece of horn plate.

Test methods for memory glasses

The production and quality control of memory glasses is higher than that of ordinary glasses. From materials to finished products, a series of tests are required. In this article, we will learn about the main tests of memory glasses from materials

Introduction of memory glasses

The cost of memory metal is relatively high, the processing is more difficult, and the sales price of memory glasses is high. However, because of its characteristics of never deformation...

Advantages of memory glasses

What are the advantages of memory glasses? The biggest feature of memory glasses is the function of memory shape with durable,flexible and strong. Let us understand the main advantages of memory eyeglass frames.

How can teenagers protect their eyesight?

For many teenagers, since the use of electronic products cannot be completely avoided, it is necessary for parents to find a suitable solution. I hope this article will be helpful to these parents.