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Introduction to metal injection molding process

This article will take a look at the MIM process, which is often referred to as the metal injection molding process. Some of today's glasses metal accessories are made by MIM technology.

How to make special rivet glasses

How to make special rivet glasses? Rivet glasses are one of the most classic glasses, however, most brands of rivets in the market can only be made of silver. So, how can you make special rivet glasses?

About Crystal Star, A professional lens manufacturer

Crystal Star is a professional lens manufacturer,founded in 2004 and located in Shenzhen, Specialized in the production of polarized Sunlens, TAC polarized lenses, PC lenses, TR90 lenses and the new Copolyester (TRITAN) lenses, etc.

Specially for the pursuit of quality
- our 2024 MIDO eyewear show

The MIDO eyewear show in Italy is one of the most important optical exhibitions in the world.We just brought some of our usual products to show the truestof us. Making products and providing good services with heart in the 2024 MIDO eyewear show.

The world's lightest and thinnest compact PC polarized lens

After 5 years of continuous research, the lens factory has developed the world's lightest and thinnest compact PC polarizing lens, abbreviated as CSPL, which is absolutely disruptive to the current polarizing lens market!

Some knowledge about horn plates

Buffalo horn plates are used to make luxury horn glasses. Cow horn is one of the best horns, which is somewhat thermoplastic and comes in different colors, such as milky white, white, brown ,black, etc.

Imaginative Inflated glasses

After launching the imaginative inflated glasses, it is very popular. Let's understand 10 kinds of inflatable products that are open-minded, such as inflatable sunglasses and inflatable optical frames inspired by inflatable.

Tritan Renew lens Introduction

The Tritan Renew lens is recyclable and environmentally friendly. Here we will learn about its applications and advantages.

Exaggerated and cute inflatable glasses

If you want to have a brighter summer, wearing a pair of trendy and flashy sunglasses is a simple and quick choice. Among the many sunglasses, the unique inflatable sunglasses with their personality and flashy appearance design make you fashion.

10 impressive bevel glasses

Bevel glasses and bevel sunglasses are currently one of the most popular types of glasses. This article shares with you 10 types of bevel eyeglasses made of acetate fiber, as well as their characteristics and manufacturing processed.


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