Factors that affect the price of eyewear

There is a reason for the big difference in the price of glasses. What are the main factors that affect the price of eyewear? In this article, I will mainly give you an analysis of four major factors.

Factors that affect the thickness of the lens

For many people who wear myopic glasses, it is very important to wear a pair of light and thin eyewear. After all, eyewear must be worn frequently on the face. So, what are the factors that affect the thickness of the lens?

Quality control points of metal eyewear

Metal glasses are one of the most common types of eyewear at present. This article mainly talks about how to control the quality of metal eyewear in the production process. After a series of processes such as material selection, accessory production,

Common eyewear surface treatment process

Common eyewear surface treatment processes mainly include wrapping, decal paper, Windsor circle wrapping, laser, 3D printing, etc. the following is a brief introduction.

Why choose wooden glasses?

what kind of experience can wooden glasses bring us?These unique experiences are not found in other glasses, and these can only be brought to you by wood glasses! That's why we choose wooden glasses.

How wood glasses are made?

Today, I will give you a brief introduction to how wood glasses are made?Step 1: We will choose from a wide range of woods. Be it beech, oak, cherry, black gold, sandalwood, or any other kind of wood.

How to identify the true and fake horn glasses?

There are endless buffalo horn glasses on the market, the prices are also very different, and the craftsmanship is also very different. Some horn glasses will be very heavy and will be regarded as a collection gimmick by some businesses. Let the cons

Do you know the plated process of metal eyeglasses?

the vast majority of metal glasses are electroplated and colored, and only a small part are not electroplated. Do you know the electroplating process of metal eyeglasses?

Why acetate optical frame is more scientific?

Now there are a variety of myopia frames on the market for consumers to choose from, which are mainly divided into two categories in terms of materials: acetate eyewear glasses and metal eyewear glasses...

What are the advantage of acetate eyeframes?

Acetate eyewear frame can be said to be a timeless frame in the eyewear market. acetate can be made into a variety of popular colors, or printed with different patterns, changing with the change of the trend...