Our eyewear factory

This article mainly introduces our eyewear factory, including the Company profile, Our main products, Our production capacity, Our quality control, Our factory workshop, etc. will help you get to know us better.

How we inspect Sunlens quality

Sunlens are one of the most important parts of a pair of eyewear. Our Sunlens are mainly from some high-quality Sunlens factories, including Zeiss, etc. how we test Sunlens quality?

The advantages and care of wooden glasses

Wooden glasses belongs to the natural material glasses frame. The glasses frame made of natural material has different glossiness, is relatively light in weight, durable and has high preservation value. Especially high-end wooden glasses are more...

Professional Eyewear Design

We keep up with the trend and combine customer brand requirements, Experienced eyewear design and R&D team with more than 15 years experience.

What are our main advantages

This article mainly shows some of our main advantages to let you know more about what kind of factory we are, and why we are recommended to choose us as your supplier.

How to control eyewear quality

Is the quality your main concern when choosing a supplier? Please allow me to introduce about how we control the eyewear quality, which can help you understand who we are and if we worthy your reply.

What are the main materials of high-end wooden glasses?

some new breakthroughs have been made in materials and eyewear production technology,this also brings new business opportunities and new elements to the eyewear industry,This article mainly talks about the main materials of high-end wooden glasses.

Introduction to our wooden glasses

Here, we first would like to stress that the wooden glasses at this page are not made by ourselves. All are made by Kaidi Glasses Co., Ltd. The founder is Mr. Xu Jiangtao. These upgrade wooden glasses are based on the design concept of fashion...

The production process of wooden glasses

Both wooden glasses and horn glasses are made of natural material. However their production processes are different. The production process of wooden glasses is roughly as follows.

Best sunglasses lenses

What's the best sunglasses lenses? Good eyewear must be fitted good lenses. Hope this page will be helpful to you choose the right sunglasses lenses.