Real gold plating metal eyewear

What are the real gold plating metal eyewear? Real gold plating metal eyewear, it means 24K Gold Plate. The eyewear made of a base metal that has a 99.999% pure gold applied to the top, metal eyewear can usually be plated the 24k gold.

Do you know how to identify pure titanium glasses?

Do you know how to identify pure titanium glasses? Titanium is widely used in the eyewear industry because it is not easy to deform, fade, and has strong stability. Spectacle frames made of titanium can highlight noble taste and elegant temperament.

Production process of titanium eyewear

How does Bestsea produce titanium eyewear? Titanium eye frames are divided into pure titanium eye frames and Beta titanium eye frames. Pure titanium eyeglasses frames are more and more popular with consumers.

Can acetate eyewear be biodegradable?

Acetate sunglasses are one of our most common products, and acetate sunglasses and optical are the most popular glasses at present. So, Can acetate eyewear be biodegradable?

The whole process of eyewear processing

Do you know the whole process of eyewear processing? If you don't understand, please follow the vision of the Bestsea eyewear manufacturer in China to learn about the production process of eyewear. 1. Get creative. In the early creative stages of

How are the acetate eyewear produced

How are the acetate eyewear produced? Do you know how acetate optical glasses are made? Please follow my footsteps, let's go to see the production process of acetate optical and acetate sunglasses frames.

About the Mazzucchelli acetate

Thousands of materials are used for eyewear, all kinds of metals, acetate, TR, and various materials have created eyewear frames with various styles and shapes. But do you know what's the top acetate?

Where does our horn come from?

As a responsible buffalo horn eyewear manufacturer, our horns mainly come from Indian buffalo horn and Chinese Tibetan plateau yak horn, not from endangered species. Horns are not collected until their natural life cycle is complete.

Why acetate eyewear can be outstanding

Why acetate eyewear can be outstanding? Do you know who invented cellulose acetate fiber? When did acetate eyewear appear? How is it produced? And its impact on the world and you and me?

What is TR90 eyeglasses?

What is a TR90 eyeglasses? what are the characteristics of the TR90 glasses frames material? The TR90 eyeglass frame is about half the weight of the acetate eyewear and 85% of the nylon material......