15 horn glasses in different colors

There are many colors of horn glasses, we will show you 15 different colors of horn frame glasses, each color is unique, to show you the natural beauty of horn glasses.

12 unique buffalo horn glasses

This article presents 12 unique horn glasses made from natural horn materials or a combination of different materials such as acetate, wood and titanium,to produce 12 special horn frame glasses.

5 different types of memory glasses

Different combinations of materials can create different types of memory glasses. Memory metal with stainless steel, titanium,acetate, horn and other material. This article shows 5 different types of memory glasses.

13 kinds of unique wood glasses

13 kinds of unique wood glasses. Each one is a combination of different materials. Different colors and textures are perfectly combined to create 13 different special wood glasses.

3 details make memory glasses special

What details should we pay attention to when making distinctive glasses? High quality materials, perfect welding craft,precise mold,these are 3 details make memory glasses special.

The charm of buffalo horn glasses

What's the charm of buffalo horn glasses? Every pair of horn glasses is unique, it is your trustworthy intimate partner, it is the continuation of life of the horns, it is perfect art craft. These are the charms of buffalo horn glasses.

3 details that make buffalo horn glasses different

Better quality material, more perfect polishing and more exquisite craftsmanship are the 3 details that make the buffalo horn glasses different, the horn glasses could be called as high-end horn glasses.

5 details that make acetate glasses different

To make high-end acetate glasses,we need to use high quality materials, more advanced machines, perfect polishing, customize production process and reasonable design for acetate glasses.These are 5 details that make acetate glasses defferent.

Comparison of lenses with different materials

This paper mainly compares the lenses made of different materials.Whether sunglasses, optical glasses or presbyopia glasses are inseparable from lenses, and the quality of lenses directly determines the quality of a pair of glasses.

4 details that make metal glasses special

To make perfect high-end metal glasses, you must use high-quality raw materials, precise molds, perfect polishing and customize craft. These are the 4 details that make metal glasses special.