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12 unique buffalo horn glasses

23-03-20 22:08:12    By Bestsea eyewear

12 unique buffalo horn glasses.

1.Horn frame glasses made of all horn materials. This is a pair of horn glasses with double rivets. The frames and temples are made of natural black horns.This black horns usually come from buffalo horns in India, Africa, or yak horns on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. We mostly use yak horns, which have better toughness and strength than ordinary buffalo horns, but because they are rare, they are more expensive. The horn glasses made of black yak horn have a unique texture, black mixed with white texture, showing a luxurious texture.
 Horn frame glasses made of all horn materials
2.Multi-lamination horn rimmed glasses. This a pair of horn-rimmed optical glasses have a dark brown horn material on the outside and a milky horn material on the inside. Most of this color comes from India. It is the lightest color of horn material. In addition to being slightly transparent, it is almost completely white and has a slight yellow tinge. Only a few buffalo horns have this color, so it will cost more than other buffalo horn colors. The surface layer is a perfect combination of thin dark brown horn and the inner layer of light white horn material.
 Multi-lamination horn rimmed glasses
3.White buffalo horn frames multi-lamination glasses. The following pair of buffalo horn frames also use advanced lamination technology. Unlike the previous pair, the surface layer uses a rarer white yak horn, while the inner layer uses a black yak horn. Precious and rare white bull horns, as well as advanced lamination technology, create the treasures of this pair of horn glasses. It is a pair of horn glasses, but also a work of art, worthy of your collection and possession.
 White buffalo horn frames multi-lamination glasses
4.Buffalo horn frames with wood veneer. Wood leather and horn are natural materials, both materials are very hard and fragile, and their material characteristics are very different, in order to make them perfectly together, we must pay attention to every detail during production process, the use of the most perfect horn, the best glue and the most skilled technical workers. The perfect combination of two natural materials creates horn glasses with a unique texture .
Buffalo horn frames with wood veneer 
5.Horn frame glasses with wood and horn. The front frame of the following pair of glasses is made of natural horns. The more distinctive feature is the temples. The front part of the temples is wood, with a V-shaped metal connection in the middle, and the back part is black striped horns. Through engraving technology, it fits together perfectly after the screws are fixed. The combination of different materials and stylish design present different luxury.
 Horn frame glasses with wood and horn
6.Buffalo horn glasses combined with horn and wood. This is a pair of special combination horn glasses, which combine black horn, light brown natural wood, and Beta titanium material with good toughness. The most unique feature is the combination of wood and horn in the front frame. They are exquisitely carved and are perfectly combined without the use of screws.
Buffalo horn glasses combined with horn and wood 
7.This is a pair of buffalo horn frame glasses with titanium temples. The front frame is made of horn material with dark brown stripes, and the temples are made of beta titanium, so the temples have good toughness. The horns and titanium materials are very strong, and the thin frame design highlights the lightness and comfort of these glasses, while the classic pattern on the metal temples adds a retro style. Since the horn is hard and brittle, it has no elasticity, however beta is one of the most elastic materials, so the horn front frame combined with beta temple is one of the most common and classic horn glasses, luxurious and comfortable to wear.
This is a pair of buffalo horn frame glasses with titanium temples
8.Round retro horn-rimmed glasses in black and white horns. The most common retro-style glasses is combined with a round front frame and beta titanium temple with retro pattern and shape.But what makes this glasses unique is the front frame, which is made up of black and white yak horns that are perfectly combined together by a special engraving and riveting technology. It is like a pair of smart eyes, the continuation of life, and a work of art worthy of your collection.
Round retro horn-rimmed glasses in black and white horns 
9.Horn glasses covered with stone leather. In our impression, stone is a very hard and brittle object. How to make it into a thin stone skin and how to firmly attach it to the horn frame requires delicate technology. The front frame made of stone skin and horn is very hard and inelastic, so its temples are made of elastic titanium material. The elastic temples can well break down the pressure from the frame and make it more comfortable to wear.
Horn glasses covered with stone leather 
10. This mixed glasses is made with stone leather and titanium front frame and titanium temples. Similar in design to the previous pair, it uses natural horn, stone skin, and tough Beta titanium. However, the bridge of this pair of glasses is also made of Beta titanium material, so this pair of horn glasses will have better elasticity and will bring you a more comfortable wearing experience. In addition, the pad arm is made of pure titanium, which is very convenient for you to adjust, so that the nose  pad is always close to your nose bridge at any time to achieve the most comfortable state.
This mixed glasses is made with stone leather and titanium front frame and titanium temples 
11. Combination horn glasses made with titanium frame and horn ring. Of all the combination frames, the one shown below is the most common. This round frames is suitable for many face types, such as square face, oval face and so on. Because the bridge and temples of this glasses are made of Beta titanium material, it is characterized by light, elastic, suitable for long-term wear.
Combination horn glasses made with titanium frame and horn ring 
12.Ultra-thin horn-rimmed glasses; Horn is a kind of natural horny material, hard and fragile, so most factories must make the front frame and the temple at least about 4mm thick, otherwise it is easy to break during use. The thickness of the front frame and the temple of this horn glasses is only about 3mm. Before making the horn glasses, the horn material must be specially treated, and some links and technology in the production should be improved to make it have better elasticity and toughness, so as to make the ultra-thin horn glasses that consumers can use more at ease. White yak horn is a very rare material. It is mainly distributed on the Tibetan Plateau. It is the horn on the head of the unique yak on the plateau. Yak horn materials are scarce and expensive. Combined with the advanced production technology of this kind of glasses, it becomes a luxury item in buffalo horn glasses. Whether it is used for wearing or collecting, it is worth your owning.
Ultra-thin horn-rimmed glasses

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