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13 kinds of unique wood glasses

23-03-14 11:15:14    By Bestsea eyewear

13 kinds of unique wood glasses.

1.Full frame wood glasses. Here is a pair of natural wood glasses frame. The front frame, temple and nose pad are made of wood, only hinge and pad arm are metal. Wood material is come from nature, due to the different varieties, growth years and environment of wood, as well as the texture and color of different parts of the same piece of wood, each pair of wood glasses made of wood has its own unique texture. You won't find another pair of wood glasses with the same texture in the world. They are unique.
Full frame wood glasses
2.Among all glasses made of wood, combined with acetate is one of the most common ways. Here is a pair of wooden glasses made of natural wood front frame and acetate temple, or it’s common to combine acetate front frame with wood temple.
wood glasses frame with acetate temple
3.Below is a pair of half-frame wood glasses made of wood and metal. The front frame is made of wood and metal, the slender metal frame is embedded in the groove inside the wood frame. The wood frame is generally wider, the lower part of the combination of slender metal can not only increase the metal texture of the glasses, but also make the glasses look rough and not bulky. 
Half-frame wood glasses with metal rim
4.Here is a light and toughness wood optical frames. Natural wood is very hard and has no elasticity. It is beautiful and comfortable to combine with good tough Beta titanium.
Light and toughness wood optical glasses with titanium frame
5.Here is a two-color full frame wood sunglasses. This wood sunglasses feature two different types of wood for the front frame, which are held together perfectly by traditional riveting. This combination method can also use other materials, such as the combination of wood and buffalo horn, or the combination of wood and acetate, to design and manufacture more diverse wood glasses.
wood sunglasses with two-color
6.The following wood eyewear frames is made of buffalo horn and wood. The bright part inside the front frame is made of horn material and covered with a thin layer of wood leather. It need to have a perfect combination technology to combine these two different characteristics of the material.
wood eyewear frames with buffalo horn front
7. This is a pair of stone leather wood sunglasses. Its surface looks very rough, with natural texture. Because its surface is a thin layer of stone. It requires good technology to combine wood and stone perfectly.
Wood sunglasses with stone leather on the surface
8.It is a common way to match wood front frame with other material temple, or match wood and metal front frame with other material temple. The following is a mixture of wood frames. The temple is made of acetate, a popular eyewear material, and have a 3D-printed pattern on top of their glossy exterior for a stylish look.
wood glasses with acetate temple and 3D printed pattern
9.Wood and horn are natural materials. It is a common way to manufacture glasses combine with these two materials. This is a pair of horn and wood glasses, the front frame is made of natural horn, and temple is made of natural wood. The connection between the front frame and the temple is ingenious. Except for the adjustable metal nose pad, you can't see its metal accessories outside.
wood glasses frames combined with buffalo horn
10. The wood material is only used as a decoration for the wood glasses. For example, the following pair of titanium glasses uses a piece of wood in the left and right frames, because this pair of glasses only uses a very small part of the wood material as a decorative block, we generally call it titanium glasses instead of wood glasses. Or titanium glasses and wood trim.
Titanium glasses frame with wood parts
11. The following pair of classic and retro-style round-frame wooden glasses is a very common style. Round mirror frame with metal frame. Just like the pair of glasses below, the frame made of natural wood is embedded in the frame made of titanium material. The perfect combination makes this pair of wooden glasses have a dual presentation of natural texture and metal texture.
retro style wooden glasses with titanium frame
12. Here is a pair of wood glasses, the front frame is made of wood and acetate, and the back is fixed on the titanium glasses frame with screws. Different materials have different colors and textures, the natural of wood, the smoothness and brightness of the acetate, and the fineness and toughness of titanium create a perfect pair of wood glasses.
wood glasses combined with acetate and titanium
13. This is a pair of classic aviator wood sunglasses. On the metal frame, saddle shaped wood decorative blocks are inset. The natural wood texture is combined with the titanium metal texture, and then the pure nylon sunglasses with blue coating are installed to make you more confident in meeting every challenge in the life.
wood sunglasses combined with titanium


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