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16 production process of horn glasses

23-03-31 11:34:41    By Bestsea eyewear

16 production process of horn glasses.

Horn sunglasses with round shape

In order to make a pair of horn glasses with moist color and comfortable hand feeling, skilled old craftsmen must have rich work experience and superb skills to make a pair of perfect horn glasses. Below we can better understand horn glasses through 16 manufacture crafts of horn glasses.
Above is a pair of vintage style horn sunglasses with round frames.
1.The first is to choose the horn material. Because of the variety of horn and living environment is different, the quality of different horns also varies greatly. Only high-quality horn materials can be used to make horn glasses. Natural horns without artificial treatment have a rough surface, only experienced masters can be qualified to complete the job.
High quality nature horn
2.Then put it on the cross saw machine, cut off a part of the end of the horn, and then saw the horn from the other end according to the required length into a round tube.
cut the horn by maching
3.According to the specifications confirmed in advance, the two ends of the horn will be sawed off and then broken with a jigsaw to form several pieces of tile horn.
4. Then the tile-shaped horns should be heated at high temperature to soften them and avoid cracking when they are flattened.
heated the horn plate
5. After heating and softening, hydraulic pressure will be used to flatten the board, and it will become a rectangular horn board after cooling.
pressure the horn and become a rectangular horn plate
6.Use a grinding wheel to smooth out the uneven surface so that a horn board is finished. It is like the production of acetate glasses, cutting large sheet material into chunks according to the specifications of the horn glasses.
smooth the horn board
7. Then technicians glue the horns of different colors together. We often see double-colored horn frame glasses, which are glued together after two different colored horn plates are made.
glue the horns of different colors together
8. Send the bonded horn plate into the hydraulic equipment for compaction, so that it can perfectly combined.
combined the horn plated
9. Use a cutting machine to remove the uneven parts around to create a rectangular square.
cutting the uneven parts of horn plate
10. Workers will also spray a layer of surface paint for it, to ensure that the subsequent process will not damage the surface of the horn plate, the subsequent process is similar to the production of plate glasses frame.
spray a layer of surface paint for  horn plate
11. Use the CNC machine to make the inner and outer rings of the horn glasses. Because the material of horns is very crisp, experienced CNC masters have to rely on molds for positioning, and at the same time ensure that the speed of the machine is above 4800 rpm, so that the shape of the inner and outer rings can be formed at one time.
make the inner and outer rings of horn glasses frames
12. These semi-finished products also go through surface treatment, filing end piece, pressing bridge and other processes.
surface treatment of horn glasses frames
13.The temples of horn glasses have also undergone a process similar to that of the front frame, which will not be explained here.
making the temple of horn glasses frames
14. Hinge welding. Use a professional horn eyeglass hinge welding machine to fix metal hinges or Spring boxes on the front frame and temples.
15. Hand sanding. Each pair of buffalo horn glasses is polished by hand again and again through a polishing machine until it is as bright as a mirror.
Polished by hand for the horn glasses frame
16. Assembly. Use a lens cutting machine to cut demo lenses or sun lenses, and then install them on the horn rimmed glasses. After hand polishing, printing, inspection, PE bag packing, inner box packing, outer carton packing and other processes, the perfect pair of horn frame glasses is completed.
assembly for horn glasses frame
Above is a pair of black horn glasses.


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