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3 details make memory glasses special

23-03-13 10:24:48    By Bestsea eyewear

3 details make memory glasses special

Memory glasses are made of strong hypoallergenic memory metal. This high ductility can make the frame return to its original shape after bending or twisting, even if you wear them for a long time. This flexible memory metal is generally used on the bridge and temple of glasses, which allows you to adjust the frame more easily and flexibly, making it more fit and comfortable to wear. The flexible glasses made of memory metal are more durable and lighter than traditional metal glasses. We are able to produce a series of unlimited memory glasses, such as the combination of memory metal with different materials like acetate, stainless steel, titanium, rubber and TR-90. We can produce colorful, durable, lightweight structure and comfortable memory glasses in different styles. Since we are a glasses factory, let's talk about 3 details that make memory glasses special from memory glasses manufacturing.
1.High quality materials
Memory glasses are also called flexible glasses, which have unparalleled flexibility because of the materials it uses.  The quality of the material directly determines whether the glasses have distinctive flexibility. Most of our memory metal materials come from Germany and Japan, because these two countries produce the best memory metal materials.
2.Perfect welding craft
Since the characteristics of memory metal materials are different from those of traditional metal materials and titanium materials, and memory materials are only used on the bridge or temple of glasses, the welding technology of metal glasses or titanium glasses cannot make them perfectly combined. Before welding, it must go through a special electroplating treatment, a thin and strong metal layer is electroplated on the surface of the memory metal, and then welded together with other metals or titanium parts.
3. Precise mold
Many different special molds are needed to make a pair of distinctive memory glasses. When making parts, the quality of these molds directly determines the quality of these glasses parts. Therefore, when we make molds, every detail is required to be perfect in precision, smoothness and other aspects. Only in this way can we make the perfect glasses parts when we put the selected high-quality materials in the mold and press them again and again. At the same time, in the process of welding, we also need to make a special mold. Only by making these different parts tightly welded together through the mold, can we recover from the distortion and falling again and again.
memory glasses with the bridge of the glasses made of memory metal
The picture above is the memory glasses with the bridge of the glasses made of memory metal.

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