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3 details that make buffalo horn glasses different

23-03-02 11:01:41    By Bestsea eyewear

 3 details that make buffalo horn glasses different

High-end horn glasses is a special horn glasses

1.Higher Quality Material
High quality buffalo horn is one of the key factor to make up-scale buffalo horn glasses. Our material mainly comes from India and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. We select the best quality parts from different buffalo horn blocks. Each natural buffalo horn has distinctive difference like density, color and quality. We could select the buffalo horn material by the following standards:
Choose the parts that have no cracks and impurities
Choose the parts with an even and natural color layout
After cutting, double check each material carefully, select the good quality as the raw material of buffalo horn glasses.
2.More perfect Polishing
After cutting the face front and temple, which was rolled over again and again in tumbling machine and polished by hand again and again, the final buffalo horn glasses would be shiny and clear like a mirror. 
Shiny horn glasses are more likely to reflect the natural and noble texture of the horn, and you can even see the faint bloodshot inside,feeling that life continues in the horn glasses. In this word, each up-scale buffalo horn  glasses is unique. It is life with vigor.
3.More exquisite craftsmanship
Only exquisite craftsmanship can make distinctive horn glasses. The material of horn is super hard, and easy to crack. The processing is also very difficult. Only exquisite craftsmanship and professional workers can make perfect horn glasses. So even though the material is same, the quality of horn glasses by different factory is very different. Only pay attention to each details, pursue each details to be perfect, by these, the glasses could be called as up-scale horn glasses. You could also call it handicraft.

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