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4 details that make metal glasses special

23-02-25 22:10:10    By Bestsea eyewear

Maybe you will have doubts what is a pair of perfect metal glasses? Yes, she looks very beautiful, very elegant, very well-bred, and you will love at first sight. Yes, it was love at first sight with these glasses. Undoubtedly, this will also be a pair of high-end metal glasses. So how can you make you fall in love with this pair of glasses at first sight? As a professional glasses manufacturer, let us talk about 4 details that make metal glasses special.

The picture below is a high-end metal sunglasses.

high-end metal sunglasses

high quality raw materials
The first is that high-quality raw materials must be used, which is one of the key factors in making high-end metal glasses. High-quality raw materials have higher purity, less impurities and purer color. Under the same process, it can make the manufactured products have higher quality. It can be said that it is the high-quality material that makes this pair of metal glasses have the capital to make you fall in love at first sight.
precision mold
Making a pair of high-end metal glasses sometimes requires many sets of molds. The most common ones are temples and middle bridges, and some are frames or other parts. The quality of the mold directly determines the quality of these parts. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the production of molds, pay attention to every detail of making molds, precision, smoothness, etc., every aspect must be considered, and everything must be done perfectly. Only in this way can the perfect glasses parts be produced after the selected high-quality materials are pressed again and again in the mold. For example, for the pattern on the surface of metal glasses, first of all, ensure that the pattern of the mold is perfect, and the corners of each pattern are smooth and delicate. Therefore, when making the mold, it is very important to manually polish the concave part of the pattern again and again.
perfect polish
A pair of perfect high-end metal glasses, in addition to having a perfect shape, must also have a smooth appearance. After the different metal eyeglass parts are cut out, they are welded together perfectly by welding machine. Then, tumbling again and again, and repeated manual polishing again and again, until the surface of the metal glistens. In this process, every aspect of the drum machine, drum raw materials, hand-polished materials and operator's skills is very important, and every detail must be paid attention to.
customize craft
Each type of metal glasses has its own characteristics, round, three-dimensional, etc. Different designs reflect different styles, even the same pair of metal glasses, some parts are three-dimensional, some parts are round, or other different style, so in the production process, you have to customize the crafts for each metal glasses with different styles to ensure that every detail of the glasses can present the most perfect effect. For example, a piece of stainless steel plate metal glasses formed by cutting has a bevel on the front frame. When making this kind of metal glasses, most of the factory cuts the shape and the bevel at one time, and then completes it by rolling and polishing. In the production of glasses, the effect of the beveled surface is not obvious, like a beveled surface, but also like a circular arc surface, which becomes a pair of glasses without personality and soul. Therefore, you have to separate the production process of the bevel, cut the front frame, and after the first tumbling and manual polishing, the surface of the metal will become very flat and delicate. At this time, use the diamond cutting craft to make the bevel, and then pass after the tumbling and polishing process, it can be regarded as soulful and perfect high-end metal glasses.


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