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5 details that make acetate glasses different

23-02-28 21:24:30    By Bestsea eyewear

 5 details that make acetate glasses different.

1.High quality material.
As a consumer, you may never be able to judge what kind of material is used for a pair of cellulose acetate glasses. You can only judge the quality from the delicate texture and smooth appearance of its surface. We specialized in glasses manufacturing for more than 15 years. We have tried many ways to manufacture more perfect acetate glasses, but we have found that the most important is to use high-quality materials. High-quality raw materials have higher purity, less impurities and higher density, so it is easier to obtain perfect texture in the manufacturing process. Therefore, although you see the same color or design, the quality of materials is completely different. A large part of the difference in production costs is attributed to higher grade raw materials. At present, Mazzucchelli comes from Italy is the best cellulose acetate. At the same time, the quality of raw materials has been greatly improved in recent years in China. It has also been able to produce high-quality raw materials, such as Jinyu and Jimei etc.
2.More advanced machines.
Machines are now being used more and more in the manufacturing of acetate glasses, especially in CNC and engraving steps. At present, advanced CNC machines have four axes and five axes, which can complete many steps at one time, greatly saving time and ensuring manufacturing accuracy. Of course, the drilling bit of machine is very important. For example, the surface is very bright and clean when we use German diamond knife on some inclined plane processing of the acetate glasses. Of course, many other machines are used in all process of manufacturing, for example hinge welding and frame bending. Advanced machines can better control the quality of acetate glasses.
3.Pay more attention to the surface polishing of acetate glasses.
To complete the polishing of acetate glasses by three main stages.
First of all , processing raw materials. There are some slight uneven on the surface even for high-quality raw materials, the final surface effect will be affected if not to deal with in advance. Therefore, the first process is polishing the raw material by water milling,then the surface can be more smooth.
The second stage is Tumbling process. After cutting the shape of the front frame and temple by CNC machine, put these front frames and temples in the Tumbling machine for rolling again and again. A perfect pair of acetate glasses needs to go through at least 3 to 4 times of rolling, the time of each rolling depends on the style of acetate glasses and the characteristics of materials. The total time is more than 96 hours. The key to manufacture the perfect acetate glasses is doing different process for different style and different characteristics.
Finally, manual polishing again and again. Although many processes in the manufacturing of modern glasses can be replaced by machines, manual work is essential if you want to make a perfect acetate glasses. Especially for the manual polishing process. A perfect acetate glasses should be polished by hand for at least three times. 1. After thick Tumbling, each surface of the frame and temple should be repeatedly polished by hand until the surface is very smooth. 2. After the second Tumbling, to use more refined polishing wheel and polishing material to make the surface of glasses brighter. 3. After the third or fourth tumbling process, this hand-polishing gives the surface of the acetate glasses a mirror-like sheen. High-end acetate glasses can be recognized by the final consumers from the smoothness and elegance of polishing.
4.Customized production process.
Every pair of glasses has its own soul. Before making each type of glasses, we must study the style of glasses in detail and find its soul, and then customize the exclusive production process according to the characteristics of this type of glasses. For example, we must put the inclined plane process after the first tumbling process and the first polishing process for a acetate glasses with an inclined plane. The special CNC machine uses a diamond knife to cut the inclined plane, and after tumbling and polishing process, it can not only maintain a good sense of line, but also be bright and clean.
5.More reasonable design for acetate glasses.
The main structure of the glasses is simple, there is only one frame and a pair of temples,connected by hinges. Therefore, when people design glasses, they always change the shape or color of the frame and temple, or combine the different materials, so as to design different models. You must consider the material and color of the sun lens for acetate sunglasses. At the same time, you must consider the production process, because every element of the design must be completed through production, both to have the perfect design effect, and to make it possible to achieve through production. Therefore, a more reasonable design for acetate glasses is essential.
high-end acetate sunglasses
The picture above is a high-end acetate sunglasses.


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